On 2015 financial budget it was mentioned that Madurai district in Tamilnadu will get AIIMS Hospital but central government unable to get proper space of land near Madurai. On a RTI information it states that no approval was issued for Madurai things.

Yeah RTI filed by Aasim from Madurai he has a 8 questions regarding the AIIMS.

  1. How many AIIMS hospitals was opened in India between 2014 to current date.
  2. Details about AIIMS Hospital in Madurai
  3. Is there any GO released for AIIMS Hospital in Madurai.
  4. When will the inauguration function of AIIMS Hospital in Madurai will start.
  5. Details of the inauguration function.
  6. Contract details with construction company.
  7. How much amount was allocated for Madurai AIIMS hospital by central government so FAR.
  8. Is there any details of the location released.

Reply from RTI states that 14 AIIMS have been opened since 2014 no GO passed for Madurai AIIMS and no approvals were issued till Date.

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