AHMEDABAD: Nithyananda Samayar, who runs the ashram in the name of the Paramahamsa Nityananda Meditation Center, is headquartered in Bengaluru next. There are branches of his ashram in India and abroad. On behalf of a branch in Hirapur, a suburb of Gujarat state, four children were allegedly taken to a house in an apartment complex and tortured with charity.

Ahmedabad police have registered a case against Nithyananda, her female disciples and ashram administrators Sadhvi Pranbriya Nanda and Priyadhava Riddhi Kiran.

Among them were Sadhvi Pranbriya Nanda and Priyadhava Riddhi Kiran. Those 4 children were also rescued. Two of them are the children of Janardhana Sharma from Bangalore. They were handed over to Janardhana Sharma.

Janardhan Sharma’s eldest daughters, Loka Mudra (age 21) and Nandita Sharma (18), are still in the Ahmedabad Ashram.

Janardhana Sharma sought the help of the Gujarat Icourt after her ashram administrators refused to grant permission to meet her daughters. It was only after this that children were confined to apartments.

Ahmedabad Suburban Police Superintendent RV Azari told reporters yesterday that Nityananda had fled overseas and that if necessary, Gujarat police would take steps to arrest him abroad.

He added that two of Nithyananda’s female disciples were arrested and detained.

Gujarat Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja said anyone involved in the case would not be spared from prosecution.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the land owned by the ashram in the village of Nithyananda Hirapur belongs to the Delhi Public School.

Ahmedabad Suburban Superintendent of Police KD Kamaria said that the Delhi Public School principal Hitesh Puri was arrested by the police and later released on bail.