National Investigation Agency has raided over 20places in Tamilnadu after Pattali Makkal Katchi Member Ramalingam. Ramalingam was a active member in PMK. His video was a viral content in social media several weeks back. A small group of Islamic men tries to convert few Hindus in Thirubuvanam Ramalingam stopped this conversion activity and made a Facebook video of himself questioning them and tried to stop them at one point. This incident raised controversy in social media among many political parties in Tamilnadu.

After the Incident on the same day of video went viral Ramalingam was murdered by group of men in the late evening. Several men from the place of murder claims that it was done by group of Islamic men who belongs to the same place where Ramalingam lives but it was not confirmed source of investigation. During the murder Ramalingam hands were chopped by the murderers.
The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Thursday carried out searches in 20 locations related to the radical Islamic group, Popular Front of India (PPI) in Trichy, Kumbakonam and Karaikal of Tamil Nadu in connection with the murder

As per the statement of NIA it seized digital devices, including nine hard discs, three laptops, 16 mobile phones, 21 SIM cards, seven diaries, seven memory cards in the raids. A sword, one sharp edged knife and cash of Rs 2 lakh were recovered from 3 different houses and about 100 incriminating documents have also been seized.

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