Ajith always been close with Sri devil’s family after his Cameo in English Vinglish. Booney Kapoor decided to make his first movie in Tamil with Ajith Kumar since his first movie in tamil Booney had to concentrate in various fields apart from movie production so he decided to make the Bollywood decent hit Pink in Kollywood with Ajith Kumar.

After 4 consecutive movies with Siva Ajith signed for Booney’s Bayview Production company. Movie was directed by H. Vinoth director of Dheeran Adhigaram ondru. Though Pink story is not suitable for Ajith as well H. Vinoth both signed for Booney. This short project completed very soon.

Trailer break down

Three young girls engaged with a problem. The problem was created by big shot son. Problem finally steps into court. Ajith Kumar joins on behalf of the girls and R. Rangaraj Pandey joins one Behalf of the young boys who were attacked by the girls.

Movie is completely based on court scenario this is not actual Ajith’s action blockbuster. Rangaraj Pandey Former journalist did the oppoisve role to Ajith Kumar.