They lady superstar of South India Nayanthara’s 63rd movie’s first looked poster has been released today by KJR studios official Twitter account. Title of the movie also released along with the first look post. Movie expected to set release on this Christmas.

Nayanthara Airaa First look poster

The movie titled as AIRAA. First time in Nayanthara’s career she will be doing a dual role. Decoding the poster explains there are only two faces of Nayanthara one with a fair skin and another in a dark tone. Blood spills were encircled over the title. In title, we could see two Nayanthara faces embossed inside the letters one with sun background and another with a butterfly background.

AIRAA was directed by Sarjun and produced by KJS studios. Movie first look poster was released in three language Tamil, Telugu and English.

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