Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds the highest number of followers in his twitter account. A research by Twiplomacy twitter analytics company found that around 60% of the Modi followers are fake in twitter which is the highest number in world. United States President Donald Trump has only 37% of fake followers. These fake followers are keeps on retweeting Modi’s tweet regardless of the content and media. There are more possibilities of 100% RT made in Modi’s tweet would be fake.Narendra Modi holds the world's highest number of fake followers in the worldIt looks like political parties using their social accounts with the help of corporate companies to promote their popularity. It shows like business people fakes their business to show fake profits to show case their business are profitable. Pope Francis has 59% of fake followers. Twiplomacy, a digital platform which assists international organisations and governments to improve their digital strategy, claimed that 24,799,527 of Modi’s 40,993,053 followers are fake ones while 16,191,426 are authentic ones.It’s to be noted that Modi recently changed his name as Chowkidar Narendra Modi. Reportedly most of his fake followers also changed their name as Chowkidar. Prefix Chowkidar was a controversial word recently.