Chinmayi recently assaults Vairamuthu for sexual harassment. The never-ending story goes on with various complaints. Now Chinmayi’s inbox is filling with a new name its “Narayanan”. He is the leader of Tamilnadu Bramhin association.

Chinmayi’s received several DM regarding sexual harassment made by him. In a recent screenshot shared by Chinmayi states that A girl went to receive payment from Narayanan and Narayanan tried to behave in a filthy manner and tried to make a sexual approach.

Chinmayi also listed a few members of South Indian Music and dance associations members and she’s receiving a lot of complaints about them also.

  • BM Sundaram
  • Papu Venu Gopal Rao
  • Sunil Kothari
  • Lokanathan Sharma
  • TN Venugopalan
  • Sasikiran
  • Ravikiran

No official complaints were made on them and it is to be noted that none of them refused the allegation made against them. It’s to be noted that Papu Venu Gopal Rao resigned from Madras Music Academy secretary post after receiving allegations in 2017 #MeToo.

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