Sun Pictures upcoming big budget Film Sarkar recently made Grand audio launch in Chennai. Kalanithi Maran was part of it he never visit any promotions expect Superstar Rajinikanth’s Enthiran. Sarkar is all set to release for this Diwali and trailer to be released on 19 th October.

AR Murugadoss in recent interview revealed ah story line of most anticipated movie and how they begun the project. Vijay called AR Murugadoss and inform that he’s committed to a movie with Sun Pictures will you be part of it Murugadoss immediately accepted the big challenge.

Sarkar Story Line up

In the same interview Murugadas revealed that Vijay plays a negative role and He is the Villain of the movie and Vijay is expected to be the CEO of a major company. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar will be doing a surprise role. Murugadoss confirms that First planned title was ” Villathi Villan ” later changed to “Sarkar”. Vijay Name will be “Sundar”.

Vijay will be a CEO of the biggest MNC company in the world annd will be playing as a Villian role once he visits Tamilnadu he transforms himself as a fighter to protect his own soil. This character was inspired Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Team expected to meet Sundar pichai after the release.

Climax does have a 2.5 minute scene that will amaze the audience.

Public Opinion

கத்தி என்கின்ற கதிரேசன் “வில்லாதி வில்லன்”
அதே பார்முலா பட் ஸ்டோரி வேற கதிரேசரன் ஒன்று கேரக்டர் வேற..சந்தர் CEO..??
எப்படி பாத்தாலும் சும்மா மெரட்டும் சர்கார் சரவெடி..??#Sarkar

— ?தங்க?தளபதி ツ (@RagulVJ_Fan) October 17, 2018

Sundar – MNC CEO – villain – Hero #Sarkar #SarkarDiwali

— Captain Jack sparrow ?⛵? (@ViswaaTweets) October 17, 2018

Negative Character + Positive Character#Sarkar #ThalapathyVIJAY ??

— R@SCal™ (@hari_offi) October 17, 2018

#Sarkar Villain VIJAY ah???????? ?

— Mersal Remo ツ (@MersalRemo) October 17, 2018

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