Sharad Pawar said Modi’s speech on the National Citizen’s Record was astonishing.

Speaking at a public rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: This is only done in Assam following the Supreme Court order. ”

Nationalist Congress leader Sarath Pawar told reporters in Mumbai yesterday: –

Modi’s speech surprises me. When a major policy is adopted, it is brought only after debate at the state level. It is not brought without debate. The country’s interior minister, Amit Shah, had told parliament that he would bring a civilian registry to the country.

President Ramnath Govind also addressed a joint session of parliament on the government’s plan to implement the citizen registry nationwide. The president’s speech reflects the state’s plan. But the Prime Minister says it is not right for the government to have any consultation on the project.
It seems to me that the central government has failed on all fronts. In an environment like this, people try to steer clear of problems. All this talk. Thus he said.