Arundhati Roy in a interview to DW news German television media claimed that Modi government in India using Corona virus pandemic as a tool to genocide Muslims in India.

While addressing the media channel Roy claimed that we are suffering not just from 19 but from a crisis of hated from my crisis of Hunger. Corona virus has resulted in the stated against Muslims in India. COVID 19 in India is not a crisis at all rather and excuse for the government to stigmatize Muslims ultimately and Massacre them.

Arundhati Roy also explained how students lawyers journalist and intellectual are being humiliated and arrested in India. She also added the whole of the organisation the RSS to which Modi belongs which is the mother ship of BJP has long said that India should be a Hindu Nation. Its ideologies have likened the Muslims of India to the juice of Germany. If you look at the way in which they using coronavirus it is very much like typhus was used against the Jews ghettoize them to stigmatized them.

Father continuing the interview Roy mentioned detention centres across the nation is compared to as the gas Chambers by the oh-so-tyrannical Modi. On the whole of the interview Roy compared Modi as the Hitler of India and Muslims of India has Jews suffered in Germany

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