20- year old model found murdered and packed a travel bag by a 19-year-old college student. Kota, Rajasthan born model Mansi was living and working in Andheri West, Mumbai. In a recent Facebook link with Muzzamil Sayyed made the murder happened. Both were met by a mutual friend in a get-together. Muzzamil Sayyed also stays at Millat Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai. Sayyed claims that he’s a professional model photographer and he made many shoots with famous models. Mansi decided to make a photo shoot happen. Sayyed called to his flat in Millat Nagar.

After a long discussion in flat Mansi decided to begin the shoot. Sayyed asked to make a dress change in another. Sayyed filmed a video of Mansi changing her wardrobe in a hidden camera. Once the Shoot began after few while Mansi suspects that he’s not a professional one and shoots Sayyed with lots of question. Sayyed finally agreed that he’s not a professional photographer with an unlimited level of angry from tried to leave the and warned Sayyed that she’ll file a complaint against him. Sayyed blackmailed and shown the video of Mansi changing dress and he’ll leak the video.

When the argument heats up Mansi tried to leave the flat. Sayyed pulled Mansi and choked her with rope and killed her then packed the body in a travel bag. Sayyed booked a cab traveled to Mindspace Office Complex, Malad West with the travel bag he then threw the bag out there. Cab driver suspects him returned back to the place and seen the bag and informed police. After checking CCTV footage Police immedieatly arrested Sayyed.

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