Migrant crisis once again in India after the second face of lockdown announced till may 3rd Kamal Haasan Slams central government for action.

A day before the completion of 21 days lockdown in India Prime Minister Modi announced that lockdown will be extended till 3rd of May. Around thousands of migrants in Mumbai gathered at Bandra railway station to move to their hometown. Mumbai the new epicentre coronavirus outbreak in India trying to control Mumbai’s pandemic with various contamination zone and several activities.

This and announced gathering of migrants in Bandra made BMC police to conduct an Lathi charge. The crowd accused for rioting in Mumbai. Section 143 punishment, section 147 punishment for rioting, section 149 for unlawful assembly, section 186 for obstructing public servant, section 188 for disobedience to public order and section 3 penalty of the epidemic act where filed against the thousand migrants assembled at Bandra. Police on Deep investigation whether this incident it happened with intentional planning.

After the hours of Modi’s announcement on lockdown extension large number of migrants gathered at Mumbai demanding their transportation to their native places and wants them to arrange immediately.

Politician and actor Kamal Hasan already wrote and letter to prime minister Modi and Slams by his words. Hero is not expert in delivering dialogues in movies alone but also in real life. Is letter to Modi made Indians to look ok back Kamal Hassan handmade everyone to listen his words. Previously mentioned whatever Modi does we stands with him but the lockdown should be made with some given time to migrants who were living in various States far from their hometown.

He mainly slammed for Modi’s second speech which was expected for any announcement but Modi did announced to light lamps and turn off lights in their home. He also voiced out for migrants from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh by walk.

All the balcony people take a long and hard look at the ground. First it was Delhi, now Mumbai.
The migrant crisis is a time bomb that must be defused before it becomes a crisis bigger than Corona. Balcony government must keep their eyes on what’s happening on the ground too.

Hi. Once again for government focusing only on rich people not the poor the lockdown is not a big deal for the rich and people working for daily wages or affected heavily. Should focus on poor people who works on regular basis.

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