The Mega alliance against BJP and ADMK is lead by DMK starting completing seat allocation with its alliance parties. DMK yesterday completed his seat allocation with DMK and planned to get 2 seats. Marxist communist also completes its alliance with DMK for Tamilnadu assembly elections.

MDMK Gen secretary Vaiko after discussing with his parties highers officials started to Anna Arivalayam to finalize the seat allocation. MDMK demands 3 Lok Sabha seats but DMK planned to allocate only 2 seats for MDMK. MDMK were strong in the seat count. From a strong source of information, it’s been confirmed the MDMK is allocated with 2 Lok Sabha seats and 1 Rajya Sabha Seats. Constituency would be Trichy, Erode or Virudhunagar or Kancheepuram. DMK also demanding MDMK to contest in their party symbol Rising sun.

DMK also demanded VCK to contest in the Rising sun in order to gain more votes from the public. Thol. Thirumavalavan also confirmed that VCK officials would decide on this demand.

IJK allocated with 1 seat. DMK would be probably complete all party seat sharing and will announce tomorrow. DMK allocated 18 seats so far 8 parties.

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