Men in Chennai stolen bike in a unusual way. Afreen from Chennai plant to sell new bike Afreen placed at in OLX a guy showed interest to the head and interacted with Afrin that if he really wanted to buy the bike. After long discussion with the unknown men in OLX Afreen decided to sell the bike man called him and wanted to see the bike so he wants Aafreen to come near Stanley Hospital.

He then introduced and auto driver that he is his uncle Afreen give the documents to the auto driver for the verification the an unknown man wanted to make a test drive and Afreen agreed to do Afreen and the unknown man went to the test drive once the man reaches mint flyover he told that there is a problem in the tire can you please get down and check it when Afreen gets down he drives so fast and moved from the place.

Immediately after and called the police and informed everything what happened Lotto driver was not is real uncle the unknown men paid rupees 2000 for the auto driver to act in like is uncle. A complaint has been filed against the unknown men in nearby police station.

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