A man arrested in Telangana Warangal district for 9 people murder case. It is reported that a man aging 24-year-old killed around 9 people to cover the murder of a woman who went missing in March 2020 6 people from single-family and 3 others are measured and dumped in well.

Three others are not connected to the family but belong to Bihar and Tirupura States. Sanjay Kumar Yadav the accused killed 9 of them by spiking their food with sleeping pills and throw them in a well. Sanjay Kumar actually planned to kill everyone women from their family in order not to get caught he killed all of them to cover up the murder.

GeesuGonda Mandal Village is located around 150 kilometers from Hyderabad where the sad death of 9 people taken place. Warangal police commissioner V Ravindra confirm that to cover up one Murder accused killed 9 others to cover up.

Sanjay Kumar already made murder on March 6th. Wife of Masood who is one of the 6 members killed by Sanjay to cover up the murder raised suspicious doubt and threatened Sanjay Kumar about missing a girl who he killed on March 6th. Sanjay planned to kill Masood’s wife also but it will create doubt so he planned to plot it has a mass suicide.

So he killed Masood, Masood’s wife, and two sons, Daughter, and 3-year-old son also. Along with these family members he also killed three other members. Police initially thought it was mass suicide later they found you scratch marks in the body which raised the doubts against them.

Masood migrated from West Bengal 20 years ago and settled in the Warangal district along with his family.

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