Three months from now, Mamata Banerjee is set to face another hurdle before the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly Election. Out of 125 municipalities in the state, the election in 110 municipalities will be held in April. The TMC state government wants the election to be conducted by ballot papers instead of the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). The Principal Secretary of the Department of Municipal Affairs has written a letter to the state Election Commission urging this. The ball is now in the commission’s court, though the convention is that EC has to follow the government’s decision.

After disastrous results in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had expressed her doubts with the results, alleging that the BJP had performed well in the polls by tampering the EVM machines. She had then demanded that all elections be conducted in ballot papers, as she believes that EVM machines can be tampered by computer programming.

If the 2021 assembly elections are the final game for Mamata Banerjee, then the Kolkata Municipal Elections (KMC) in 2020 will be the semi-final match for her. It looks like Banerjee is very serious about this election because the 110 municipalities are scattered across different districts in the state. Bad results in those municipalities will have an effect on the upcoming assembly elections which will be held in 2021. As she believes that the BJP government in the center can change the result of the municipalities’ election through computer programming, Banerjee doesn’t want to take the risk to do the election by EVM machine.

Experts, however, say that tampering EVM machines through computer programming is impossible.

According to the rule of municipalities’ election in the state, the Election Commission has to follow the government’s instructions. So it can be said easily that coming municipalities election in the state will be held by ballot papers though it was conducted by EVM in the 2014 election.

Courtesy : DNA

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