Amutha the Retired Chief Nurse in Nammakal, Rasipuram is selling new born babies at a cost of 4 lacs to 3.5 lacs. She has been doing this business for around 30 years in Namakal. As per the Telephonic conversation audio released in Social Media as well as News channels. She was talking of deal with a man who is need of a baby. She’s saying that she had a boy baby and a day back baby was sold out will inform for another baby comes in.

It seems that she has been doing the job for more than 30 years reportedly a huge network is working behind this team. They managed to get babies even from outside states and mediate to sell babies inside Nammakal district.

This team has a close connection with various charities in Tamilnadu and managed to get the details of couples who are in desperate need of babies immediately. They used to sell male babies for 4.00 Lac and Female babies for 3.50 Lac these price determined depending on the weight of the baby. Moreover a addition of 75,000 Rs will help to get Birth Certitficate for the baby in Nammakal district office.

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