Malavika Mohan just signed and completed her second movie in the Tamil industry become popular among Tamil audiences and gained huge followers. Debut movie Petta doesn’t give her a bright face. After assigning with Vijay’s upcoming movie master Malavika Mohanan become popular in the South Indian film industry. Not only fans of Vijay the actress gained her own followers with our regular photoshoots.

During the current time cartoon based on the film industry was regularly being circulated in social media. Cartoons reparations the best directors of the Kollywood group in a single room and showcasing how they are spending the quarantine. Later this cartoon showcase Tamil actors grouped. Last week a cartoon of Vijay star master group released in social media. Where actor Vijay listening to music ok and Vijay Sethupathi and Arjun playing Ludo, Anirudh playing piano and Malavika Mohan portrayed as cooking for the team members in the home.

This cartoon was retweeted by Malavika Mohanan’s hand made her write it the task of a woman even in hypothetical movie house is to cook? When will gender roles die?. Even mention this cartoon is so sexist.

The funny thing is everyone else seems to be chilling / working while the only female in the house is doing any kind of domestic work

Malavika Mohanan tweet about the cartoon

Actor Vijay fans started racing against Malavika Mohanan and abused for sweets which made her deactivate her Twitter handle for few hours. Feminist activists started supporting Malavika Mohanan on twitter. This activity of Vijay fans maid Malavika Mohanan to delete her two tweets about the cartoon.

Professional actor questions a fan-made illustration for portraying our role in a way she didn’t like she gets bullied abused hand into deleting her Tweet

Chinmay Sripraada

The upcoming Master movie was initially planned to release on April 9th, 2020 due to the lockdown movie was not released on the announced date and postponed indefinitely until the announcement of lockdown extension in India. Actor Vijay expected to play the role of a professor in the movie Malavika Mohan and also playing the role of a professor. Whereas actor Vijay Sethupathi playing the antagonist role in the movie.

70 + Malavika Mohanan Sizzling hot pictures

Few days after another fan edited the cartoon and portrayed Malavika Mohanan reading books instead of cooking. Malavika shared the cartoon and mention I love this version.

Which almost sort out the problem.

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