Padmapriya Srinivasan, who has been posting tips on hairstyles and beauty tips through the YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Over the past few months before Tamilnadu General Election, Padmapriya has created awareness among the public by releasing a video of her views on the new environmental law.

She also gained a negative response from Bharatiya Janata Party and life-threatening messages also. In this situation, Padmapriya suddenly met actor Kamal Haasan and started his political journey by joining the party following his request to join the People’s Justice Center.

It said that Padma Priya is married and failed to submit proper proof of Income about his husband. This aside, the people who came as booth agents in the constituency for Padma Priya. She even posted a video calling for crowdfunding and shared her personal account details to gain more funds from the public. But eventually, she also called for volunteers to support her during the elections as booth agents.

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