Mafia chapter 1 starting Arun Vijay under the direction of Karthick Naren which deals about the the drug dealing in Chennai and tamilnadu based. Actor Arun Vijay plays the lead role as a narcotic departments officer and actor Prasanna please the negative role as a drug Lord made in Tamilnadu. The teaser gets over value mean response from the audience all over the world.

Karthick Naren one promising director in recent time directed dhuruvangal 16 and Mafia chapter 1. His movie naragasooran is still under post production due to financial issues.

After the release of the movie gets mixer response from the audience. Some fans even feel that movie is like an web series not an actually full length movie. Some fields this is an stylish cop movie Once Again from Arun Vijay and Karthik Narain. Despite of the movie director to social media and announced that Mafia 1 will be released in Amazon Prime.

Within a few days after the release of Mafia 1 in Amazon prime videos it has been removed. A scene involving showing the pictures of people who have engaged in drug dealing with the drug Lord Prasanna. Pictures of the people used in them scene for the victims of serial killer Bruce McArthur in United States from 2010 to 2017. Victims family members reported Amazon prime videos about the incident movie has been removed from the prime videos.

Mafia chapter 1 movie has been removed from prime videos only in in United States not in India. Still prime numbers can watch Mafia in Amazon prime videos in India.

After watching the movie several uses claim that movie resembles Netflix narcos web series director of the movie for OTT platform not for cinema theatres

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