The Madras High Court has ordered the suspension of the one-year sentence imposed on Vaiko, the general secretary of the MDMK, in the case of sedition.

In July 2009, Vaiko was accused at the Thousand Lights Police Station for speaking out against Indian sovereignty. The special court hearing the case against the MP-MLAs, on July 5, sentenced Vaiko to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000.

The appeal filed by Vaiko seeking to quash the verdict came before High Court Judge Adhikasevalu. At the time, a lawyer appearing on the Vaiko side argued that the police had not seized video or audio recordings of Vaiko’s speech and that only the police had testified as state witnesses.

At the same time, the criminal prosecutor appearing on the state side insisted that if the sentence for Vaiko was suspended, he would not be required to speak until such time as the case is over.

Admitting this, Judge Adekasevalu ordered the suspension of the sentence imposed on Vaiko and advised Vaiko to speak responsibly and to think twice before speaking.

Rajasekar Gnanam

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