Madras High Court has banned the release of actor Jai’s balloon in Telugu and actor Atharva’s 100 movies on TV and websites.

MGRA Cinemas, which produced the 100-star Atharva film, 70MM Entertainment last May demanding a ban on the film, claiming it had owed one crore rupees to the balloon film publishing rights. An interim injunction was also issued by the High Court.

Following the appeal hearing, the interim ban was lifted when MGRA Cinemas promised to pay Rs 1 crore by July 15.

It was argued that MGRA Cinemas did not fulfill the promise made by the High Court Judges Vineet Kothari during the Karthikeyan session.

The judges agreed that the MGRA had failed to meet the court’s order and banned the release of balloons in Telugu and 100 films on TV or websites. The judges also noted that the order will remain in force until MGRA Cinemas pays the company one crore rupees to 70mm Entertainment.