Maari, a breaking point movie for Dhanush. A movie based on a local Pigeon lover. The movie starring Dhanush as a lead and Kajal Agarwal as a female lead. Though the movie is an average flick. Dhanush gained a proper response from his name for the name Maari. Team Maari planned to take Maari 2 which is a sequel. Trailer of the movie released. Trailer crossed more than 7 million views.
Maari 2 Starring Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Varalakshmi, Tovino, and Krishnan. Maari 2 expected to be the sequel of Maari 1 and story expected start form the Climax of Maari. ” Dhanush changes his place with birds after the Climax and living a normal life Sai Pallavi who loves him badly. Krishna meets Dhanush and doing underground jobs. There is a Villan entry Tovino. Tovino gets up expects to be abnormal. There runs the movie “.
Punch” If you are bad, am you dad ” trending lines of the movie.

Signature shirtless Climax fight
Sure Mega BB #Maari2 ?

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#Maari2Trailer Breaks the previous records ?… #Maari2

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Ore Oru trailer dhan Motha Hatter's um close ????#maari2trailer #Maari2 #RecordbreakingMAARI2Trailer

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#Thala #Ajith ? started the style and Now It became Signature Style for Mass Scenes ….

Thank you @directorsiva sir ?#Veeram #Kaala #Maari2

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#Maari Thara local ??????#Maari2 #RowdyBaby #Dhanush #Anirudh @anirudhofficial @directormbalaji

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#Maari2 Goosebumps!!? @dhanushkraja @directormbalaji @thisisysr

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I'm damn @varusarath role goona be vera level

Hatrick BLOCKBUSTER Loading for her ??#Maari2 #Maari2trailer

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