Maari 2 the sequel of Maari directed by Balaji Mohan. The Cast remains the same but heroine Kajal Agarwal changed. New characters like Sai Pallavi, Vara Lakshmi Sarathkumar, Kreshna, and Tovino are new placements. Robo Shankar and Kallori Vinoth remain the same. It was surprising that the average hit Maari gets Maari 2. Maari 1 most of the story relates with pigeon and race but Maari 2 completely stay away from Maari 1.

The movie carries the same template of a funny innocent heroine madly loves a rough and villain u hates the hero (rough) for no reason. Balaji Mohan tried the same successful formula. Few repeated comedies and Rowdy baby song were the boons to the movie. Sai Pallavi did her role as expected. Araathu Ananthi is the completely opposite character to Malar Teacher. Dhanush and Sai dance are extraordinary.

Maari 2 is once again an average flick with commercial masala.

Rating 3.00/5.00

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