In 2007, INX Media was accused of violating regulations for receiving foreign direct investment from three companies in Mauritius for Rs 305 crore. The CBI and the Enforcement Department filed a complaint alleging that the Former Finance Minister, P Chidambaram, had obtained the permission of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FDI) and that the money was being transferred to a company owned by Karthi Chidambaram.

PC Chidambaram filed a bail plea in the Delhi High Court seeking to avoid arrest in the case. But the petition was rejected by the judges. Following this, a six-member CBI team visited the house of P Chidambaram in South Delhi’s Jor Bagh. Since Chidambaram was not in home, the team went back to the enforcement department.

At midnight again, the CBI officers went to the house and issued notice to Chidambaram to appear at 2 pm. The tense situation came to light as CBI officials went to search the house at 8 and 10 am this morning.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leaders and senior lawyers, including Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Manu Singhvi, sought the Supreme Court’s order to suspend the Delhi High Court order. The petition filed on behalf of Chidambaram came before Justice NV Ramana. Kapil Sibal appeared on behalf of Chidambaram.

The CBI had informed the judge that the matter should be referred to Chidambaram at 2 pm and asked for an urgent hearing. At the same time it was argued by the Center that the bail should not be given before Chidambaram.

After hearing both sides’ arguments, move the petition to the Chief Justice’s Session and urgently investigate the petition after lunch break? He will decide whether or not. According to reports, lawyers have now moved into the Chief Justice’s chamber.

In the meantime, lookout notices have been issued at the airports against PC Chidambaram. The enforcement department has taken steps to prevent him from fleeing abroad.