In Order to control the noble coronavirus Prime Minister Modi call for Janata Curfew March 22nd. Janata Curfew gets positive response all over the Nation. Prime Minister Modi later announce lockdown for 21 days which ends on April 15th in order to avoid coronavirus pandemic.

During the lockdown period both Central Government and state governments on taking responsive and responsible measures in order to to control the pandemic all over the Nation. 28th of March movie called people of India to clap their hands inside their home to thank for the doctors nurse police and who are all working to control coronavirus pandemic.

After the announcement several Twitter its started writing there is astrological ping clapping hands together. Most of the north Indian peoples from Delhi and Mumbai started celebrating the events Holi March which is completely against the social distancing. Prime Minister Modi was upset with the activities of the people who are not taken the Coronavirus pandemic seriously and doing such activities.

The clap event which Modi announced falls on Saturday but right after the next week Modi Release Date short video on April Sunday 9:00 p.m. people of the nation should turn off their lights for 9 minutes in the meantime they can use lamps torches and mobile lights.

As per the electricity officials it’s not necessary to turn off all electrical items in the home. Only electrical items like likes bulbs should be turned off. Electricity department would expect High Voltage fluctuation when Lights Are turned off after 9 minutes. Street lights would not be turned off during the event.

So Far not Power Grid failure recorded in any part of the nation

Check out the reaction of public for 9 minutes Turn off lights at 9:00 p.m.

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