Lok Sabha election all set to happen on 18th April 2019 meanwhile election campaign is closed by 16th April on 2019 6.oo Pm. Later this evening Election commission announced that Lok Sabha Election in Vellore constituency have been canceled since a huge amount of money was recovered from DMK candidate subordinate.

Election commission made a detailed report on money recovered in Vellore to President Ramnath Govind. Honorable President Ramnath Govind after analyzing the detailed report of Election commission and Income tax department consulted with Law ministry and approved for canceling the Lok Sabha election in Vellore constituency. Out of all 545 constituencies, only Vellore constituency election canceled.

It sounds different that ECI canceled only Lok Sabha election in Vellore constituency, not Assembly election. Gudiyatham and Ambur constituency also set have assembly By-Election on April 15th. It’s still questionable why ECI has not canceled By-Election. If the huge amount was recovered from Vellore it would be even for the Assembly election not only Lok Sabha Election.

Why Lok Sabha Election why not Assembly Election ?

It is to be noted that Ambur and Gudiyatham plays a major role in Tamilnadu Assembly if the results of these two constituencies turn against ruling party ADMK may likely to lose its majority in Tamilnadu assembly. Out of 22 By-election constituencies if DMK wins 18 there are possibilities of Government likely to change.

Contesting Candidates

MaleFemaleTotalRejectedAcceptedWithdrawnFinal List
Party NameCandidate Name
DMKD.M. KathirAnand
AIADMKA.C Shanmugam
MNMR. Suresh

A huge amount of Rs. 11 crore+ was seized in DMK candidates associates residence cement godown. The amount found doesn’t belongs to any person as of now as per IT department. Its DMK chief Durai Murugans son KathirAnand is contesting on behalf of DMK in rising son symbol.

Few weeks before Durai Murugans was talk of the town after trolling DMDK party which came for alliance with DMK. DMDK was talking alliance speech with ADMK and was not satisfies with the number of seats so DMDK tried to made a talk with DMK. Durai Murugan replied to DMDK officials that MK Stalin is sleeping can’t talk now. This incident made DMDK to join ADMK alliance immediately. After confirming the alliance few days after the election campaign starts IT department started riding Durai Murugans residence schools and college which purely shows the act of revenge since they have not found nothing IT department started to raid the associates of Durai Murugan.

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