Lok Sabha 2019 election are in the full swing elections are conducted in several phases for around a month time. Delhi faced Indian General Election 2019 on May 12, 2019. When compared to 2014 Indian General election 2019 has more twist and turn in Tamilnadu as well as in Central.

New Delhi Makes a complete difference when compared to all other states in India. After 2014 Elections AAP party lead by Arvind Kejriwal won all the assembly seats and won the elections after BJP took the center power tries to push Kejriwal government in all aspects which were claimed by Arvind later. In the Initial time, Arvind even took protest against center also.

Delhi faces a major problem on Air pollution and water supply. State government tries to bring down Air pollution in all aspects but due to lack of coordination and support from the public State government failed to control. State come up with the new idea of Odd-Even Policy for vehicles ban for HWM ages more than 10 years. Crackers ban, Mass Spray guns to control air pollution.

In the moto to fight against Modi AAP tries to hold hands with Congress but failed support from Congress was left alone. 2019 becomes once again a triangular fight between AAP, Congress, and BJP.

Chandini ChowkCongressBJPAAP 
East DelhiCongressBJPAAPVote banks of AAP might disturb the result
North East DelhiBJPCongressAAP 
New DelhiCongressBJPAAP 
North West DelhiCongressBJPAAP 
South DelhiAAPCongressBJP 
West DelhiCongressBJPAAP 

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