The novel coronavirus spreading in India drastically corner of the states of India. Central Government and every state government taking actions to control coronavirus pandemic in their cities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24th called for 21 days lockdown nationwide which ends on April 15th. This lockdown lockdown has controlled coronavirus pandemic in India widely.

As per WHO, Indian lockdown is the best in the world when compared to other countries. India is a second highly populated nation in the world after China. China controlled Corona virus pandemic in their countries it’s India after China with highest number of population me get highest number of affected cases but it was controlled by lockdown. United States of America with highest number of cases which caused China Italy and Spain.

American consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have analysed that the lockdown period in India may extend till September mid or end of June. This extended lockdown would have some restrictions compared to the 21 days Lockdown. Change the coronavirus affected cases are increasing drastically in India after the 21 days the decision would be taken to increase the lockdown period. As per the official statement of Indian government there won’t be any extension in lockdown period so for. Central government has not even mentioned the possibility of extending lockdown period. But it depends on the coronavirus affected cases after the 21 days.

If the lockdown period extends there would be used loss to the Indian economy as well.

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