LKG starring RJ Balaji and Priya Anandh is a recent and decent political satire

Lalgudi Karupiah Gandhi(RJ Balaji) is a young councilor in the age of ’30s. LKG is popular in his ward but belongs to the ruling party. Even a recommendation letter from the Chief Minister’s office demanding a seat is just tossed away by a popular school in his area, but LKG could manage to get seats. He is not all that powerful but knows how to deal with people.

LKG doesn’t wants to wait for long period to get big position in politics so he keeps his father Nanjil Sampath (Former Tamilnadu politician) as a role model. He keeps his father as role model just because he doesn’t want to fail in political life. At one point to reach politcial heights LKG meets Priya Anandh a political corporate company helps to increase politicians standard.

CM dies in hospital and the party divides in to 2 half and LKG plans to make use of the opportunity and tries to reach the heights with the help of Priya Anand.

The movie was written by RJ Balaji. He doesn’t make any extraordinary acting skills but he just performed as RJ Balaji. The team managed to get all the latest events in the movie. Due to some Kollywood industry problem release date was postponed to several months late. Rather than raw satire LKG team concentrate on decent political satire movie and have succeeded


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