Gaja Cyclone to make landfall today evening or night near Pamban. Authorities declared holiday for all Educational institutions in Nagapattinam,Cuddalore, Tanjore and Tiruvarur. Exams have been postponed.

Cyclone Gaja turns to severe and its set to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm and move West-NorthWestwards over the next few days. The India Meteorological Department has issued a red alert for areas in coastal Tamil Nadu as Cyclone Gaja, a deep depression in the Bay of Bengal, is set to make landfall on Thursday, November 15. Gaja with the wind speed of 80-90 kmph to 100kmh and likely to cross between Chennai and Nagapattinam.

According to The India Meteorological Department, Gaja is 840km East-NorthEast of Chennai and it’s very like to intensify further into a severe cyclonic storm during the next 24hrs.

Gaja will be the second cyclone to hit the coastal area in a month after Cyclone Titli wreaked havoc in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh on October 11, killing a total of 70 people. The severe cyclonic storm, with wind speeds of 175 km per hour, uprooted thousands of electricity and telecommunication poles, devastated coconut and cashew orchards, and flattened standing crops

Tamilnadu Weather Man Weather expert in social media says ”

Cyclone Gaja to take SW dip early and take super speed steering under the control of Indian Ridge and make landfall as a Cyclone between Cuddalore and Vedaranayam of morning to Noon of 15th November. Chennai to see rains a day earlier from 14th November itself.
Steering change is happening right now. It has hardly moved in last 4 hours. Once Steering Change is complete, it is expected to make an early dip, landfall is expected to be earlier on 15th morning – Noon in delta belt. Gaja will now give rains to South Tamil Nadu interiors instead of Northern Interiors. Northern interiors too will get rains as Cyclone moves inland but not as the quantum of central / southern interior districts

Chennai – Good rains can be expected on 14th/15th
Chennai meanwhile is expected to get rains a day early from 14th november itself. Entire North TN coast will get rains from Gaja 14th/15th. Though chennai might be windy, we will be very far away from the influence of Cyclone winds.But the good news is Chennai will get pull effect rains on 15th and 16th too. So the rainfall expected is more now compared to previous days forecast. I will be happy with 150 mm rainfall from 2-3 days from Gaja in Chennai. Remember we have just got 200 mm from October 1st in Chennai.

Extreme rains
Extreme rains are expected in the landfall area of Delta belt and also the Southern Interior districts and the ghats in the south,

Winds – Gaja is not going to be a strong Cyclone like Vardah or Thane
Gaja is expected to intensify in next two days and bu as said in previous post this will not be strong cyclone with the W-SW dip, we can expect winds to clock 60-80 km/hr and at times gust touching 90-100 This will much lesser intensity than Cyclone Vardah in Chennai clocked 120 winds with gusts of While Thane in Cuddalore clocked 140 km/hr and gust reached 160 km/hr.

Good News
Gaja activates monsoon after going into Arabian sea Interiors will see pull effect rains on 16th. But then a next low is expected to form around 19/20th November in Bay of Bengal within few days of Gaja.

So great days ahead for NEM….Bay is going to be super active in coming days. With low expected come one after another and we need to see where it will move.

Fishermen shall not venture into Bay of Bengal till 16th November as it will be very rough.”

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