Liquor Shops will be allowed in not all zone. here is the list of zone allowed to open liquor shops

Ministry of Home and affairs announced a 2-week Extention for the lockdown period which ends on May 3rd of Sunday. The extended lockdown period ends on May 17th which also falls on Sunday. MHA made several relaxations and several strict measures to control the pandemic. All districts are divided into 3 different Zones. Red Zone, Green Zone, and Orange Zone.

Red Zone: Those with high of infection

Containment Zone: High number of cases within Red Zones

Orange Zone: Where the pandemic appears to have been reined in

Green Zone: No confirmed case in the last 21 days

Liquor shops will be allowed in green and orange zones (but some state governments may choose to keep it closed). A minimum of six-feet of physical distancing must be maintained and there should not be more than five people at one time at a shop.

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