Why did you decide to sell the stock? Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman explained.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Chennai interviewed reporters. She said: –

The federal budget for states has not been reduced. Funding is being offered as recommended by the 14th Finance Committee.

GST for Tamil Nadu the outstanding balance is Rs.4000 crore. We do not isolate any state in providing this. 2 installments due to all states have been delayed. We will provide that amount soon.

Farmers Welfare Assistance:

The number of beneficiaries of the Farmers Welfare Scheme, which goes directly to the public, has reached 8 crores. State governments also have their share. So funding is being provided for that project. The Employment Guarantee Scheme is also a need-based program.

In September, October and December, 60 percent of small and small industries had to be paid by state and public sector companies.
LIC Shares
Not all PSUs are sold. How many percents of the shares in the federal government-owned shares of LIC have not been decided? Through the sale of shares, the benefits of people’s participation in the LIC, transparency in management, and reform.

In addition, executives will have to answer to people at public meetings of companies. This will bring public institutions into a discipline.
GST Collections
GST There was a backlash in the interim in collections. But over the past three months, it has consistently exceeded one trillion crores. The Central Government is taking various measures to repair the collection loopholes.

There is also a special plan to solve tax problems. There is no need to consult experts for this. You can apply for it electronically. After this, there will be no such hassle. We have lowered the income tax so that people can have money.

He did not make a long speech in Parliament for achievement. It was a speech that focused on every segment of the economy.
The price of gasoline and diesel
GST sells petrol and diesel If it is to be brought within the limits The council must decide and tell the federal government. Since implementing the GST, we have made amendments to bring in petrol and diesel.

If the Council decides to pay the price, the GST will Let’s bring it to the limit. The federal government does not stop it. This requires the unity of the state governments.

Thus She said.