Let's all fight together against COVID-19 : Indian Shooter Manu Bhaker

Indian shooter Manu Bhaker urged citizens to come together and light diyas and lamps tonight at 9 pm to defeat coronavirus pandemic. The tweet comes after Prime Minister Modi called citizens to do the same.

Manu Bhaker wrote, “Let us all come together in this fight against COVID-19 and the Honorable Prime Minister @narendramodi Ji’s call, turn off all the lights of your house at 9 o’clock for 9 minutes tonight and light lamps on your roof, balcony or doors and take a pledge to defeat Corona together. Jai Hind.”

Earlier, in a video message, the Prime Minister had asked public to turn off all lights in their houses at 9 pm on Sunday (April 5) and to stand at their doors or windows with a candle, diya and torch for 9 minutes to show solidarity with each other in the battle against the COVID-19.

This is in follow up to the ‘Taali, thali’ event held on March 22, the day when ‘Janata curfew’ was observed throughout the country. Modi had reminded people to be on their terrace and balconies and clap to express their gratitude for all those who were working 24/7 to fight against Novel COVID-19.

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