Damage of public keywords during the struggle in UP; Notice issued to 130 persons seeking compensation

Violence erupted during protests in Uttar Pradesh. Public keywords were also looted.

There have been many incidents of violence in the state of Uttar Pradesh in protest of the Citizenship Amendment Act. The militants also resorted to violence in Lucknow. A police station was involved in a mob rallying against cars parked outside and setting fire to cars and vehicles. There was constant gunfire. Of these, 15 were killed. 

Moreover, the protesters damaged public goods. They set fire to government vehicles and property. This resulted in a loss of several crores of rupees. 

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has declared that the assets of those who damaged public property during the struggle will be confiscated and the government will be compensated for the loss.

Accordingly, the district administrations have issued notice to 130 people seeking compensation for damages of public goods worth Rs 50 lakh. Notices were issued to 28 people in Rampur district, 26 persons in Sambal district, 43 in Bijnor district and 33 in Gorakhpur district. The notice stated that they were involved in the attack and had damaged public property and they had to pay to avoid confiscation of their assets. 

District administrators have said that notices have been issued only to those who have been convicted of violence in CCTV footage.