Agalaathey lyrical video from Nerkonda Paarvai released

The 4-track Single Track Agalaathey song Lyric video of Ajith starring ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ has become viral on social networks. Track received 475k views within hour of release

Originally Nerkonda Paarvai team released the trailer of the film.It was well received among the fans.Subsequently, the film’s first single track, “Vanil Irul” Lyric Video, was released.Following the Lyric video of the 2nd single track “Kaalam” .In the meantime, the 3rd action Lyric video is the action action song “Thee Mugam” released.Currently, the lyric video for the song Agalaathey is released.In this, Ajith and Vidya Balan have sung together.

Earlier, Ajith had acted in both the films Vivegam and Vishwasam. Ajith – Kajal Agarwal Combination in Vivegam, the song ‘Kathalada’ was released and was well received by the fans.

Similarly, the song ‘Vane Vaney’ was released in the Ajith-Nayanthara combination in the film Vishwasam. In this, the song “Kannane Kane” with the baby was well received.