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Controversy against Prime Minister, Home Minister; Case against Nellai Kannan

A case has been registered against nellai Kannan as he has controversially spoken against Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

The protest was held on behalf of the Islamic Organization condemning the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act. Nellai Kannan, the stage speaker, and the panel moderator attended. When he spoke, he was said to have been controversial against Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. 

He said that he had spoken out in order to disrupt the silence. A complaint was lodged with the police.

The police have registered a case against nellai Kannan under three categories, including rioting and agitating people. They are continuing to investigate.

Big Film Production: ‘Chandramukhi-2’ to be released soon – P.Vasu Interview

P. Vasu said that the Chandramukhi-2 movie is coming up soon and a big film company is signed.

Starring Rajinikanth, P Vasu directed and released the biggest hit movie ‘Chandramukhi’. with Shivaji Productions. The film was a breakthrough, exceeding 800 days at the Shanti Theater in Chennai.

“I have already directed the second part of Chandramukhi film in Kannada under the name ‘Abhdha Ratchaka’. The film was a big hit in Karnataka. The story of this film has been further refined and story was said to a Tamil hero and a major film company.

The shooting of ‘Chandramukhi-2’ is about to begin soon. said, Director P Vasu.

Fans Expectation: Will Ajith join Twitter in 2020 ?

There is much anticipation among fans whether Ajith will join Twitter.

Famous actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have taken to Twitter to account for everything from young actors to actresses. They post their comments and details of the acting films and are in direct contact with the fans. But Vijay and Ajith Kumar are not on Twitter.

Yet fans of the two periodically make hashtags and spit out Twitter. Vijay and Ajith starring new films Although Vijay does not have a direct account on Twitter, he does have an account on behalf of his office.

Vijay’s new films and trailers are out. Ajit Kumar refuses to attend public events after dissolving fan club No participation in film festivals. He is also pushed from social websites. Fans are trending on Twitter for the first look trailer of her films.

In this case, Ajith Kumar has called on Twitter on behalf of India. It also lets fans know how much they like his films. Will Ajit Kumar join Twitter on accepting this invitation? That is the expectation among fans.

Rajinikanth’s ‘Darbar’ release date -Official announcement ;

Rajinikanth’s Darbar starring AR Murugadoss is awaited by fans. Rajini is acting as the Mumbai Police Commissioner. The trailer has just been released and welcomed. It features Rajinikanth’s action fighting scenes and punch dialogue.

AR Murugadoss has posted a video of the Dum Dum song sequence which is currently in the film. The 45-minute broadcast is filmed at the wedding. Rajinikanth looks like Nayanthara in a stylish way.

It seems to be filmed in a huge arena. This song is composed by Vivek lyrics in Anirudh’s music and is sung by Nagesh Aziz. The song scene has fascinated fans. Along with the video of the song, the official announcement that Darbar will be on the screen on January 9th.

A special screening of Darbar in the US will premiere on the 8th. Darbar has been sent to the Audit Committee. Nayanthara plays the heroine in the movie. Sunil Shetty plays the villain and Nivetha Thomas as Rajini’s daughter. There are also Yogibabu, Thambi Ramaiah and Sriman.

Film star Gautami joins BJP;

The BJP has accused Gautamy of playing politics against Kamal, who is critical of the central government. It has been reported that the field has been unloaded

Gautami, who had acted in 95 films in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi, said that she would not contest the election. She was not looking for a seat or a post in the party, she said.

”But I think that the BJP is the best party. Being a public figure, I can also contribute to strengthen it,” she added.

Party general secretary Venkaiah Naidu said many leading film personalities including Mohan Babu and Ranganath had agreed to campaign for the BJP. Film stars Krishnam Raju and Giri Babu have already joined the party.

Naidu said 13 prominent Telugu Desam Party leaders, including two MPs, had joined the BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

It is said that the party has left Gautamy to criticize Kamal, who is critical of the BJP government. It is also reported that Gauthami will soon be given the post of BJP spokesperson.

Nagaland Speaker’s demise – PM Modi condolences;

Nagaland State Speaker Vikovo Yoshua has passed away due to ill health. Various leaders including Prime Minister Modi and the state governor have condoled his demise.

Viko Yoshu (age 69) is the state Speaker of Nagaland. He suffered from lung cancer. He died yesterday morning while receiving treatment at a hospital in Mumbai. Prime Minister Modi, State Governor RN Ravi and various leaders have condoled his death.

In a tweet posted by Prime Minister Modi, he said: He is a diligent leader. Who devoted his life to the advancement of Nagaland. My thoughts are with his family at this sad moment. May his soul rest. ‘

In his condolence message, the governor has said that he has lost a high and important head of state. In addition, the governor has announced that the state will mourn for three days (till January 1) in tribute to the demise of the Speaker. 

The body of the late governor is placed in his hometown, Kikwemma, for public homage. Funeral services to be held tomorrow at 11 am. 
Notably, one of the leading leaders of the NDA, Vikovo Yoshua, was elected Speaker of the State of Nagaland in March last year.

Sasikala writes a letter to relatives regarding the purchase of property by converting invalid notes;

A letter to Sasikala’s relative from jail over the transfer of invalid banknotes has come under investigation by the Income Tax Department.

Sasikala used the money to buy multi-crore assets for herself when the deflation scheme was announced in November 2016, the Income Tax Department said. That is, Rs 1,674 crore of assets have been purchased and Rs 237 crore has been lent.

Details of the purchase of the property using invalid notes were revealed by the Income Tax Department when Sasikala’s relatives raided homes and offices.

This test was carried out by the Income Tax Department in November 2017. It was then that Sasikala was found to have acquired various assets.

Many of his assets were purchased using invalid notes. Various sources have been seized by the Income Tax department. In addition, Sasikala’s legal counsel, prosecutor Senthil, was investigated by various individuals, but Sasikala confirmed the purchase of property using invalid notes.

The Income Tax Department has received a letter written by Sasikala about his purchase of these assets.

The letter was received in November 2017 during a raid on the home of Vivek Jayaraman, son of Sasikala’s sister-in-law.

Sasikala, who was in Bangalore jail, wrote this letter in September 2017. It details what assets have been purchased using invalid banknotes.

Sasikalavai has written it in his bitter Tamil. The letter was received at Vivek Jayaraman’s house.

When the Income Tax Department asked Vivek Jayaraman about 2 months ago, someone handed this letter to a doorman at my door. The guard gave it to me. 

The Income Tax Department asked Vivek Jayaraman to inquire about the date on which the letter was received. But saying I don’t know the date.

When I asked him why the Income Tax Department had kept the letter to him, I thought I should talk to Sasikala about the letter. So I just kept.

Sasikala’s legal counsel asked Senthil to find out whether the signature on the letter was from Sasikala. Income tax officials said he had confirmed that it was Sasikala’s signature.

The Income Tax Department is also investigating the matter with lawyer Senthil. When Senthil told the Income Tax Department, he told me a few days before Jayalalithaa’s death that she was using assets that were not valid. The details are in the letter.

Senthil said he had met Vivek Jayaraman at his home in late September 2017 and had then shown him Sasikala’s letter.

Also in December 2016, Sasikala gave her a cover. When it comes to parole, Vivek Jayaraman said, hand it over to Sasikala.

However, Senthil told the Income Tax department that I had given it to Sasikala the other day.

Sasikala has been sent a notice by the Income Tax Department on the basis of the details of the assets acquired by Sasikala using the invalid note.

In it, you have used a defaulted note and bought several properties across Tamil Nadu. We have accumulated evidence for this. It is said, therefore, to explain.

Rajinikanth is intensifying the promotional work of Murugadoss’s upcoming film Darbar

Rajini, Nayanthara, Nivetha Thomas and Sunil Shetty star in the movie Murugadoss. The film is being made in three languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi – and is based on the Mumbai-based police Dada story. 

Anirudh has composed the music. The film will hit the screens on January 9 and will be released in most theaters in Telugu and India. In particular, Rajini’s interview did not succeed as expected in Telugu. 

So this time Dil Raju, who is releasing the Telugu version of Darbar, is trying to make Darbar a success in the multiplex theaters. So, he is hosting a big event in Hyderabad on the big screen. All the crew including Rajini are present. But it seems Nayanthara will not be the only participant.

Guess who’s the villain for Ajith’s Valimai

After the success of the Interview, Ajith Kumar, Director Vinod, and producer Ponnikapur are back with the new film. The film is titled ‘Valimai’. It is reported that Ajith Kumar is playing the role of a police officer. Motorcycle racing and corporate footage are featured in the film.

The shooting of the film has started in Hyderabad recently. Fight scenes with Ajith are being filmed there. The film crew is planning their next shoot in Chennai. In this case, the villain actor Pavel Navaveethan has joined the cast. Pavel Navakithan, who has acted in films like Madras and Vadachennai, and he is the director of the recently released V1 film. 

10 thousand people die per year due to snakebite in Tamil Nadu;

Professor Sakthi Vayapuri said that 10 thousand people die annually due to snakebite in Tamil Nadu.

Snakebite is a major problem in developing countries like India. Worldwide, about half a million people suffer from snakebites every year. Of these, one million and 50 thousand people die.

About 50 thousand people die annually from snakebite in India. Many cases of snakebite are not recorded in hospitals. According to our study, 10 thousand people die of snakebite every year in Tamil Nadu alone.

In India, there are three types of snakes, namely, glass, virgin, and curly. But many people die from lack of drugs for snakebite in government and private hospitals.

In rural areas, people suffer from snake bites. But many people die from lack of medication at primary health centers and travel long distances for treatment.