SBI Clerk exam issue: Controversy over cut-off marks for the backward classes over the economy class

The results of the preliminary exams for clerk jobs at the State Bank of India (SBI) show that the cut-off for SCs and STs is Higher than the cut-off for the economically backward classes. The first prelims to select clerks in the State Bank of India was held on June 22 and 23. The exam was 60 minutes long and consisted of 100 questions with a score of one. 

This includes 30 questions from English, 35 questions from Numerical Ability, and 35 questions from Reasoning Ability. The selection was conducted to select more than 8,300 employees.

In this case, the results of the exams were released last night. The cut-off marks for each category are mentioned in this section. The cut off for tribals is 53.75 and the cut off for SC, OBC and sections are 61.25. At the same time, the recently introduced advanced classes have created a cut-off mark for the 10% reservation for economically backward classes. That is, the cut-off for the disadvantaged upper classes in the economy called EWS is 28.5. This is said to be the cut-off of fewer applicants in this category. However, the fact that the cut-off mark for those earning 10% is much lower than that of other classes has caused great shock and controversy.

This cut off marks raised controversy among the candidates. Social media users started debating about the issue on high intense.