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Shah Rukh Khan to join with Vijay’s Thalapathy 63

Bollywood Badsha King likely to join with Thalapathy 63 under Atlee direction. Shah Rukh Khan was the king of bollywood for several decades after Amitab. Though Shah Rukh Khan was the king of box office he didn’t made any Tamil movie expect very few dubbing movies only. Its confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will be playing a villain role in Thalapathy 63 under Atlee direction.
While rumours suggest that he will only be seen in a cameo in the film, we hear it’s going to be more than just that.

SRK will be the villian for the movie he plays only a 15 min role in this movie but those 15 minutes are the most powerful part of the movie. Asper Filmfare “SRK has a prominent character that he’s playing in Thalapathy 63. It’s not like his other cameos. In fact, he is the main villain who comes in the picture only towards the climax. He has a good 15 minutes odd role, fighting Vijay. The makers wanted a leading face from the Hindi film industry to shoot for the role and when Atlee approached Shah Rukh for it, he agreed on principle to do it. It’s a four-five day shoot and the team is figuring whether to film the scenes in Chennai or in Mumbai itself.”

Rumours were confirmed after Director Atlee spotted with Shah Rukh Khan in IPL 2019 CSK vs KKR. The incident Atlee and SRK pictures during the match was a social media material for few selected days. Talks for Shah Rukh to do the remake of Mersal in Hindi were on high. Director Atlee made the original version of Mersal in Tamil Mersal faced several controversy with Tamilnadu BJP party during the Release

Actor Vijay fans slams Naam Thamizhar organizer Seeman

Actor Vijay fans slams Naam Thamizhar party organizer Seeman in Twitter for abusing Actor Vijay in a public meeting. Actor Vijay fans trending with Twitter Hashtag
#திருட்டுபயசீமான் around 25.5k tweets were rounding Twitter in opposition with Seeman.
Seeman in recent public meeting slammed Actor Vijay for Vijay response for Sarkar issue. Seeman even trolled Actor Vijay statement ” I have requested permission to meet Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy”. Seeman trolled Vijay that he’s not my brother Why does he even afraid of Edappadi Palanichamy. Seeman also quoted that “Vijay not interested to act under my direction but he copies my quotes”. He even trolled Oru Viral Puratchi Song.
It’s to be notes Unofficial Naam Thamizhar Twitter handles were recently trolling actor Rajinikanth and Ajith for their recent movie trailer and trying to gain more support from Vijay fans but Seeman recent public meeting reversed the situation and turned Actor Vijay fans against them. Naam Thamizhar recently announced that they will contest in Thiruvarur by election.

#விஜயை மரண கலாய் கலாய்த்த ஆமைக்கறி

அடுத்த சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் சிம்பு தான் ??

விஜய் பேன்ஸ் அடிக்கிற அடில #விஜய் முகமூடியில சுத்திக்கிட்டு இருந்த ஆமைக்கறி குஞ்சுங்க எல்லாம் இப்ப வெளிய வந்தே ஆகணும்

டேய் வடைசட்டிவாயா @SeemanOfficial

உனக்கு நேரம் சரியல்ல ??#திருட்டுபயசீமான் pic.twitter.com/n0H2iemH4C

— Satheesh (@Satheesh_2017) January 5, 2019

ங்கோத்தா டேய் @TamizhanTrends பேசாம போய்ரு இல்ல அசிங்கப்பட்டு போய்ருவ… #திருட்டுபயசீமான் pic.twitter.com/9c3FzeYSVH

— V I P E R™ (@TheViper_offl) January 6, 2019

இனிமேல் தமிழ்நாட்டின் சூப்பர்ஸ்டார் என் தம்பி சிலம்பரசன் தான்! – சீமான் #

கால்சீட் குடுத்தா பவர் ஸ்டாரையே சூப்பர்ஸ்டாருனு சொல்லுவாரு போல..?! ?#திருட்டுபயசீமான் pic.twitter.com/O3cLDvQV26

— ⭐மித்ரன்⭐ (@sultan_Twitz) January 6, 2019

Top 10 Tamil Movies 2018 – Kollywood

2018 has a huge bucket list of movies in Kollywood industry around 180+ movies relased in this year. Almost all Hero’s Movie released in 2018 expect Ajith Kumar. Most awaited sequels of Robot 2 and Vishwaroopam 2 also relased in the same year.


Superstar 2 released back to back in the same year after the success of Kabali under the direction Pa. Ranjith. Kaala was the 2nd movie for Rajinikanth under PA. Ranjith. Kabali the first movie under Ranjith and Rajinikanth combo made an blockbuster hit and broke many box office records. Expecting the same Rajinikanth planned under the Dhanush Production. Kaala movie based on Mumbai Dharavi a aged don saves Dharavi from villain.


Sarkar an most anticipated of the year by Vijay under the production of Sun Pictures. Film is all about a billionaire visit Tamilnadu to cast his vote finally engages in Politics and how he handles the political pressure during the election campaign. Keerthy Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar are the another notables personalities in the movie


Biggest blockbuster and most high budget movie in Tamil industry. 2point0 is another Rajinikanth movie in the same year. 2Point0 was a Visual advancement treat to every audience. Team took around 4 years to complete the movie around 490 cr spend on the movie and 50+ cr spend for promotional purpose.


A Small budget and an unexpected hit of the year. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in the lead role both meet school reunion after a long time and found some time to recall the past love stories. Movie doesn’t have huge mark in expectation meter but after the release it does.


A Cop thriller movie from Vishnu Vishal. Movie based on a psycho who kidnaps young girls and murderes them for no reason. Psycho and his mothers had small flashback for the murders. How the cop saves young girls from the psychosis the rest of the story. Amala Paul did the female lead role.

6.Pariyerum Perumal

Pariyerum Perumal holdsone of the sensitive caste oriented subject. Hero studies in law college near thirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. Movie is all about how he faces the caste based racism is the rest of the story.

7.Imaikkaa Nodigal

Another Pshyco thriller of the year with Nayanthara ad the lead role and Vijay Sethupathi played a cameo. A Pshyco who makes several murders and want the CBI inspector Nayanthara to find the accuse. Why and how the murders happen is the rest of the story.

8.Irumbu Thirai

Cyber Crime thriller movie. Vishal the Protagonist. A military man who used to lose is temper frequently went to met his family and gets cheated by group of people and lost his money. There was a big mafia lead by Arjun who would hack any system in the state.
9.Kadaikutty Singam

Village family oriented subject for Karthik. Karthik tries to unite his family memebers on a event and solves dispute amount the family members regarding his marriage. Movie is all about speaking the value of family sentiment.

10.Nadigaiyar Thilagam

Movie led by Keerthy Suresh story is all about the biography famous late actress Savitri wife of actor Gemini Ganesan. Movie released in Tamil as well in Telugu. Keerthy Suresh received overwhelming appreciation from all over for her acting skills she did in the movie.

Atlee to direct Thalapathy Vijay under AGS banner

Vijay’s most anticipated movie Sarkar results are positively high and this political background movie gained very high talk in the state as well. Within the heat comes down rumors of next Actor Vijay’s next movie update comes. It’s official confirmed that Atlee will be directing #Thalapathy63.

Archana Kalpathi CEO of AGS entertainment confirmed that movie is happening. Atlee will be directing Vijay and movie expected to be mass commercial. The most commercial directors and leading commercial actor joins once again. Movie expected to release on Diwali 2019.

Keerthy Suresh Latest Photoshoot – Tamil actress Keerthy Suresh

Keerthy Suresh leading South Indian actress. Keerthy was a child actress in the early 2000’s and, after graduating in fashion design, she returned in lead roles. She played her first lead role in the 2013 Malayalam film Geethaanjali and has signed up films in Tamil and Telugu languages as well. Early life Keerthy Suresh. Her Popular Tamil Movies are Rajini Murugan, Remo, Thodari, Bairavaa, Thaana Serndha Kutam, Sammy2, Sandakozhi 2,u00a0 Sarkar. Her performance in Mahanati/Nadigayr Thilagam shows her extraordinaryu00a0acting skills.

Sarkar Team celebrates success party with freebies

After Sarkar Controversy storm set calm Sarkar Team celebrates its Success party yesterday. Vijay, AR Murugadoss,AR Rahman, Keerthy and Varalakshmi were part of the celebration. Though the celebration was made simple with a small cake. Smaller one becomes the another controversial one. The smaller cake design contains the freebies like Mixers and Grinders.

Sarkar have already joined the 200cr club. It was expected to happen soon since there are controversy collection delayed.

Varalakshmi Shared the pictures of the celebration and quoted with “The night that was..thank you for the overwhelming response for sarkar komalavalli..wooohooo it’s a true blockbuster in every single way against all odds.. the truth did prevail..whattte night”.

Is this the Beginning of Sarkar Revolution?

Sarkar another politically based movie which may lead to a revolution in Tamilnadu. Lead Actor Vijay, Director AR Murugadoss and Production Sun Pictures. Sun pictures who are the close associates of Tamilnadu opposition party DMK.

Whats in Sarkar?

A Global MNC company CEO visits his hometown to do is national duty to cast his vote on election. Someone has already made a counterfeit vote with his name. Vijay uses section 49p to cast his vote again because of that he has to stay in Chennai for a few weeks which made him join politics.

Why ADMK protest?

There are few scenes like people burning freebies like mixers, grinders, TV, and Fans which directly points ADMK government. Varalakshmi who plays the negative role name as Komalavalli the childhood name of Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha.

With all direct pointing to government Law Minister C.Ve Shanmugam said that legal action will be taken against the actors, directors, and producers before the actions ADMK Cadres started the protest.

The protest happened in all over the Tamilnadu, several shows were canceled and banners and cutouts are torn which fired up the Vijay fans.

Vijay fans are always expecting such kind of films actions by ADMK Cadres made them fired up Several videos are circulating in social media stating that fans warning those who torn the banner and cut out.

Some fans are moved a level up and started burning the mixers, grinders, Fans, and Laptops which were given by ADMK government.

Vijay to meet Chief Minister, AR Murugadoss plea for Anticipatory Bail

Over the Sarkar controversy Yesterday night AR Murugadoss residence surrounded by Tamilnadu Police Department reason remains unknown. AR Murugadoss claims that police came to provide security to his home since there are protest against Sarkar are happening in and around Chennai by ADMK Cadres.

On November 9th, AR Murugadoss applied for Anticipatory Bail. In the meantime TamilNadu law Minister C. Ve Shanmugam already announced that legal action will be taken against Vijay, AR Murugadoss and Production Company Sun Pictures. Though Sun Pictures agreed to cut down the controversial scenes. ADMK Cadres still protesting to stop the show.

Actor Vijay star of Sarkar requested to meet Tamilnadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy today.

Controversial scenes in Sarkar removed after ADMK protest

Sarkar released on Diwali occasion on November 6, 2017. The movie made an all-time record-breaking opening expecting to reach 100 cr club. Though the movie is produced by Sun Pictures film is based on the latest TamilNadu politics. Controversial scenes and dialogues are flooding in Sarkar movie. The villain of the movie is Ex ADMK member Pazha. Karuppiah who was excelled from ADMK by from Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha.

Several ministers condemned the movie scenes and dialogues. Law Minister C.Ve Shanmugam in an interview mention that legal action will be taken in a few days against the production company and actor Vijay. In the meantime, ADMK cadres started the protest against the movie few evening shows were canceled in Madurai due to ADMK protest.

Banners and cutouts of Vijay and Sarkar movie are broken and torn out by ADMK cadres in Chennai Kasi theatre. l Videos doing the rounds on social media. Police protections were made for all theatres in Coimbatore, Madurai, and Theni.

Tirupur Subramaniyan said the Sarkar Production company agreed to remove the controversial scenes.

Sarkar production company Sun Pictures agreed to theatre owners request to cut down the controversial scenes. Fresh copy of the film without any controversial scenes will be sent to Censor board within tonight.

Controversial Scenes:

  • Scenes about Freebies (Tv, Grinder, Mixers)
  • Komalavalli (So called name of Ex Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha)
  • Pala Karuppiah death scenes
  • Stage scene Vijay interacting with Pala Karuppiah.

Vijay will enter politics very soon – Pala Karuppiah

Pala Karuppiah one of the Senior most politician in Tamilnadu excelled from AIADMK in 2016 after Karuppiah made allegations against Minister of Tamilnadu. Karuppiah resigns his MLA posting after few days.

Karuppiah played a surprise role in Sarkar as villain and also as a Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. In a recent interview to media karuppiah said that Vijay will enter politics very soon.

“I had enough time to spend with Vijay through out the movie, he spoke about entering into politics, Vijay said that I’ve good family and enough money to survive. But I need to do something for Tamilnadu people. They gave me life ill Definitely do something good for them.

Pala Karuppiah also slammed about the ADMK Minister during the press meet.