Shah Rukh Khan to join with Vijay’s Thalapathy 63

Bollywood Badsha King likely to join with Thalapathy 63 under Atlee direction. Shah Rukh Khan was the king of bollywood for several decades after Amitab. Though Shah Rukh Khan was the king of box office he didn’t made any Tamil movie expect very few dubbing movies only. Its confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will be playing a villain role in Thalapathy 63 under Atlee direction.
While rumours suggest that he will only be seen in a cameo in the film, we hear it’s going to be more than just that.

SRK will be the villian for the movie he plays only a 15 min role in this movie but those 15 minutes are the most powerful part of the movie. Asper Filmfare “SRK has a prominent character that he’s playing in Thalapathy 63. It’s not like his other cameos. In fact, he is the main villain who comes in the picture only towards the climax. He has a good 15 minutes odd role, fighting Vijay. The makers wanted a leading face from the Hindi film industry to shoot for the role and when Atlee approached Shah Rukh for it, he agreed on principle to do it. It’s a four-five day shoot and the team is figuring whether to film the scenes in Chennai or in Mumbai itself.”

Rumours were confirmed after Director Atlee spotted with Shah Rukh Khan in IPL 2019 CSK vs KKR. The incident Atlee and SRK pictures during the match was a social media material for few selected days. Talks for Shah Rukh to do the remake of Mersal in Hindi were on high. Director Atlee made the original version of Mersal in Tamil Mersal faced several controversy with Tamilnadu BJP party during the Release