7 Climbers died due to human traffic in Mount Everest

Worlds highest peak suffers from high traffic, As this is the climbing season climbers from all over the world reaches himalayan trekking range. Since large number of people visited the place huge traffic happened in the Mount Everest. Climbers had to wait in the risky steep. More than 200 climbers stuck in Traffic jam.

Climbers from many countries reached above the Camp IV early morning and waited for more than 2 hours in the queue to reach the summit point of Mount Everest. The Record number of climbers gets the permits is 381 as a 44 teams. Nepal opened the climbing route to the Worlds highest peak on May 14th. When a team of eight Sherpas Successfully Scaled the Mount Everest, becoming the first team to reach the summit.

7 people have died so far out of them 2 are Indians. The 27-year-old climber died at Camp IV after he fell ill near balcony area while returning from the summit of Mt Everest,” said Babu Sherpa, Managing Director at Peak Promotion Pvt Ltd. Indian climber Kalpana Das, 49, also died near the balcony, she was a member of the Three Women Expedition and had climbed Everest in 2008. And Indian climber Anjali S Kulkarni, 54, died above camp four after reaching the summit.