Rajinikanth registered Party name as Makkal Sevai Katchi

After a long wait South Indian Super Star Rajinikanth just a few steps ahead to start his own political party. With all his hard-earned stardom in several decades, he’s stepping into a new phase of his life. Rajinikanth announced he will reveal the party name on 31st December 2020. He registered his party name as Makkal Sevai Katchi(மக்கள் சேவை கட்சி) and the Election commission of India allocated an Auto-Rickshaw symbol for his political party. Rajinikanth initially applied for Baba Symbol for his party by EC allocated Auto-Rickshaw.

Officials from Makkal Sevai Katchi will Re apply for party symbol with available symbols left over. Auto-Rickshaw symbols may change but not his party name. Announcement is not official yet.

Meanwhile, Rajinikanth is now in Hyderabad for the upcoming movie Annaathe shooting. He currently working for Sun Pictures Kalanithi Maran who is a direct associate of Rajinikanth’s Opposition party DMK. Alliance with Makkal Sevai Katchi has no clear picture yet. But Rajinikanth has clear support for BJP and Modi Sarkar.