Tamilnadu State to set up 2,00,000 rainwater harvesting in Chennai

The Chennai Corporation has suggested Housing Cooperation association society support to set up 2 lakh rainwater harvesting tanks in Chennai by October. Chennai is suffering a huge water crisis after long years. Due to lack of groundwater level in Chennai has reduced drastically and major water reservoir in Chennai are drained out.

Government managed to supply water to public through tanker lorries. But still weeks back several hotels and IT companies were closed due to lack of water supply.

The Chennai Corporation has targeted to set up thousands of rainwater harvesting tanks in 200 wards in Chennai before the onset of the North-East monsoon. In addition, it is also planned to renovate the inactive rainwater harvesting tanks.

A Committee was formed to set up the rainwater harvesting. The committee has also set up 200 wards for this purpose. The group is comprised of assistant and co-engineers, tax collectors and health workers. The team will choose the right place to install a rainwater harvesting tank and provide technical advice on how to install the system.

Municipal Commissioner Prakash has urged the councils to consult with the welfare groups and raise awareness. The committees have been urged to go beyond their daily tasks and work towards the goal of rainwater harvesting. 10 lakhs leaflets are to be distributed to raise awareness about the rainwater harvesting project.