6 Places to visit in PUBG

If you are a serious PUBG player you might be aware of all these Maps in PUBG Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. There are several undiscovered and amazing places in these maps. Player in less number visit this place unlike School, Razhok, Bootcamp, and Paradise resort.


Map : Sanhok
Location :South-West

The place is basically themed as Salt processing place. Since Sanhok map is smaller when compared to Erangle, Miramar, and Vikendi you can reach this place through fly itself. Sometimes place might far from the safe zone it’s not a state to panic because the maximum distance from safe zone would 1000mtr. Once you have taken loot, come down to the street and you can find a vehicle on your right near the houses. If that vehicle is already taken you can find another one on your left side near the bridge but this would far distance when compared to vehicle right side.


Map: Sanhok
Location: North-East

Mongnai one of the most undiscovered placed in Sanhok map most of the players won’t visit this place Since enemies are very less in number and loot high. There are many numbers of packed houses you can loot as much as you can. If your safe zone is very far, keep calm you can find vehicle ant 2 places here. One near the Coconut trees and another on the left side of the left side house from coconut tres.


Map: Sanhok
Location: South 

Players don’t have much interest in landing or visiting this place why because entry to place this very difficult and takes much time. 3 ways to reach Cave Landing, Swimming, and Walk by Cave Entrance. You can directly jump into the cave from parachute but its bit risky. If you failed to jump in water exactly you will be knocked out. Another way is to reach the sea and u can swim or ride a boat to enter the cave. An easy way to enter Cave is by walk cave have 2 special entrance with steps. Remember it takes much time to come out of the time.

Zombie Island

Map: Erangle
Location: North-East Corner

Zombie Island Every player in Erangle might have visited this place but before the flight take off. Have you ever visited this place after landing? you should try . Jump near Kameski you can find a boat take a boat and go to the Island there will be a huge loot and u can find zombie also. Remember it takes much time to reach and come back. you won’t have enough time to reach a safe zone. Have Medikit and take a ride to explore a huge loot

Cosmo Dragon

Map: Vikendi
Location: North

There are very few places to remember in Vikendi one among this Cosmo station. You can find an abandoned rocket launch center on Northern side once you visit you could able to see a Dragon Statue. Just shoot it Dragon will be unleashed and u need to kill the dragons. Most probably you will get a Superflare gun once the Flare gun is shot black hole will be created and another dragon will come just kill it to get the supplies.