Petta vs Viswasam who’s the real Pongal winner

Petta and Viswasam are the great starts of Kollywood industry both movies are completed in 2018 and all set to release in the same year due to release date issue in Producer council they were postponed to 2019 Pongal. Petta Rajnikanth with Sun Pictures and Karthik Subbraj, Viswasam Ajith Kumar with Sathya Joti and Siva. Karthik Subbraj’s first time to direct Rajinikanth. Siva’s 4th time with Ajith Kumar. Though fans are disappointed after the announcement of Siva with Ajith Kumar for the fourth consecutive time the movie made fans delightful.

Rajinikanth’s Petta

Superstar Rajinikanth failures in box office are very less. Rajinikanth Market is still in number 1 in Kollywood industry. The possibility of movie flop after Sun Pictures are also very less. Rajinikanth’s Petta is just another mass commercial movie. Director wants to show Rajinikanth mass elements only so he wrote an all-time success plot the revenge. Not only in Every scene in every frame Rajinikanth look mass and Majestic. Rajinikanth joins as a Hostel Warden with Prime Minister recommendation. Saves a boy from thugs to made a murder attempt to kill the boy. Rajinikanth recalls a flashback and moves to Uttar Pradesh to revenge the villain Nawazuddin. Vijay Sethupathi son of Nawaz helps Rajinikanth to revenge against Nawz.

Ajith Kumar’s Viswasam

Thala Ajith Kumar has several flops in his career his fan base and craze for his movies never go down. Unlike other actors, Ajith Kumar is one Gentle person whom you cannot see him for any of the public programs or events. Siva’s last movie with Ajith. Siva manages to show Thala with black hair once again after a long time. Viswasam is completely a Village oriented family subject. The film could disappoint you if u think Viswasam was a commercial entertainer. First of the movie rolls in Village with fun and family. Second half movie flys to Mumbai with Action, Comedy, and Sentiment. The movie completely differs from all of Ajith Kumar’s movie.


Both Petta and Viswasam managed to almost an equal number of screens all over the Tamilnadu. It’s highly impossible for any actor’s movie to beat Rajnikanth movie on the release day until and unless the movie is utter flop. Tough Petta was full of mass element Viswasam managed to compete in the race. Expect in Chennai Viswasam managed to get more number of screens all over the Tamilnadu since the movie is based on Village subject and family oriented. Pongal festive even not started but both movies managed to collect the expected number of collection. There could no loser for this Pongal. Both Petta and Viswasam are complete winners.