Big treason for Ajith Nerkonda Paarvai revealed, will Booney manage to solve it?

Gemini Film Circuit, which is in debt, has been accused of conspiring with some financiers in the backdrop of a Rs 5 crore loan to Booney Kapoortto release Ajith’s Nerkonda Paarvai. Reports have surfaced in the past few days that distributors have not come forward to buy the Nerkonda Paarvai film of actress Sridevi’s husband and Indian filmmaker Bonnie Kapoor. As Promised to Actress Sridevi Ajith’s doing film for Booney after the demises of Actress Sridevi.

It’s been revealed that some of the powerfull financiers from the Tamil film industry, it has emerged from the backdrop. The Satya Jothi Thiyagarajan is said to have benefited from the success of Ajith’s Vishwasam film. Financiers planned to make their close associates of them as Ajith’s next movie producers. But as per Sridevi’s promise, Ajith is doing the film with Booney.

Unlike other producers, Booney Kapoor was not a film-maker who borrow from the financiers, instead, he invests his money and makes the entire film quickly and for release. To be on the one side, the next film is for Booney Kapoor is announced with Ajit again and the rage of the financiers has increased.

It is said that if the direct viewing image prevents any distributor from purchasing Nerkonda Paarvai, Booney Kapoor will no longer make the film in Tamil or sell the film at the lowest price they have ever heard.

However, Booney Kapoor announced that the film will be released on August 8th, 2019. It is reported that Manohar Prasad, who produced the film “Nanban”, who is in the Gemini Production company, is offering a check for Rs 5 crore. Gemini Film Circuit Manohar Prasad, who has been in debt for several crores of rupees, has not been able to bring back the film Madhajajaraja produced in 2013.

Gemini Film Circuit plans to release Nerkonda Paarvai so that they would get a huge profit from the release and also plans to settle some of the financiers with 50 Lakhs rupees check,

Booney Kapoor will pay for the last time the movie is not released, and if it is not paid, there will be problems with the Movie. This is the Master Plan of Powerful Financials. Older producers who have faced the same problem and lost their career said the same.

No response from Manohar Prasad revealed so far.

Booney who is well aware of these kinds of issue. Booney has faced so many problems in Bollywood industry in order to experience good knowledge on K’Town financiers and producers Boony don’t want to make any compromise on film so he chosen a Successful story, Successful Director and Ajith. so that he can concentrate on film release.

Booney Kapoor stands like a hero and doing all other works seems he doesn’t care about the financier issues. Booney recently announced that song Agalaathey song will be released tomo 6.00 PMY

#Agalaathey the mesmerising number from @nerkondapaarvai#AjithKumar and @vidya_balan song releases tomorrow at 6 PM. Watch out this combo