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Demonstration in the United States in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act;

Immigrant Indians in the United States march in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

There are protests all over the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act. During this struggle, violence erupted in various places. There was a clash between the police and the protesters. Protesters damaged public property during the violence. Many people have been killed in violent incidents.

On the one hand, there was a demonstration on behalf of the ruling BJP in support of the Citizenship Act and explaining aspects of the law.

In this case, immigrant Indians in the United States gathered and protested in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act. The demonstration took place in Times Square, New York. They carried banners written in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act. 

Fishermen arrested confiscation of fishing boats Vaiko condemned

Srilankan Buddhist racism has rocked since Gotabhaya Rajapakse assumed office in Srilanka. Minister Janaka Bandara Tennakoon shocked the Tamil people by announcing that the national anthem will no longer be played in Tamil. changing the country’s national anthem being sung in SriLankan and Tamil on Independence day.

According to the constitution of Srilanka, the Gotabhaya government is taking steps to isolate Tamils as a linguistic and communal language. leaving Tamil as the official language and co-national language.

The gotabhaya Rajapaksa government is in the process of intimidating Tamilnadu fishermen. On December 27, 13 fishermen went fishing in the sea from the pudukottai district- jegadapattinam port. the SriLankan navy has arrested all of them for crossing the border. It has also confiscated all three spectacles used for fishing and taken to Sri Lanka.

The incident has shocked the Tamilnadu fishermen and the SriLankan navy has again fired at the gunmen who were fishing near Kachchatheevu island yesterday. the SriLanka navy has also damaged several lakhs of fishing gears. The gotabhaya Rajapakshe government continued hatred of Tamils deserves serious condemnation.

The SriLankan government has already amended the Srilanka maritime act to arrest fishermen crossing the border imprisonment for up to three years confiscate boats and imprison millions of rupees.

Therefore I urge the central government to take immediate action to release the 13 Tamil Nadu fishermen who were arrested by the Srilankan navy and rescue the fishing boats. Thus he said

Priyanka accused of assaulting cops in Lucknow;

Police have stopped Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi who went to her car yesterday to meet former police officer SR Dharapuri in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

So Priyanka got out of Gandhi’s car and walked to Tarapuri’s house to meet her family members.

Speaking to reporters Priyanka Gandhi said that the police had tried to prevent her from getting out of the car and then assaulted her. One woman grabbed her by the neck and another woman pushed her, causing her to fall down.

Female police officer Archana Singh has denied Priyanka’s allegation.
In an interview to reporters in the capital, Delhi, one of the senior leaders of the Congress, Sushmita Dev, accused Priyanka Gandhi of being attacked by police in Lucknow. He also said that the rule of law in Uttar Pradesh has deteriorated and the President’s rule should be implemented.

Somalia Bomb Death Toll Rises to at Least 80;

The Al-Shabaab terrorist organization, which is linked to the Al Qaeda organization in Somalia, continues to carry out violent attacks. There have been attacks, particularly targeting checkpoints, hotels and coastal areas. Many innocent people have been killed.

In the meantime, the terrorists launched a raid yesterday targeting the taxpayer at a security checkpoint in the Somalia capital, Mogadishu.

The terrorists suddenly detonated a truck parked with bombs in the area as a large number of people lined up to pay their taxes.

The attack claimed 61 lives. At the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that more than 50 people were recovering from serious injuries and hospitalized.

Officials said the death toll could rise as some of the injured are in critical condition.

Rescuers said that the number of victims of the terrorist attack in Mogadishu has risen to 90.

Officials said this was the worst attack of the past two years. No organization has so far claimed responsibility for the attack.

Prime Minister Modi condoles the death of Swami Vishwesha Tirtha,

Prime Minister Modi has condoled the demise of Swami Vishwesha Tirtha.

In this regard, Prime Minister Modi posted on Twitter that he had the opportunity to learn lessons from the Swami of Bezawar Math.

Swamiji, who was the guiding light in the lives of the people of Udupi, posted that it will remain in the minds of the people.

Many, including Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and First Minister Yeddyurappa, mourn the death of Swami.

Viswesha Tirtha Swamy, the Bijapavaram Mayor of Karnataka, has passed away.

Viswesha Tirtha Swamy, Beejawaram Mayor of Karnataka has passed away due to ill health.

Sri Vishwesh Tirtha Swamis is one of the most famous religious leaders of South India. He was the 33rd president of the Bijavaram monastery in Udupi, Karnataka.

He was admitted to the hospital in Manipur for treatment for the last few days. He was suffering from respiratory problems and passed away this morning without treatment. He was 88. Leaders including First Minister Yeddyurappa have condoled his death.

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko has severely condemned the Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko has severely condemned the Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat for indirectly criticizing the opposition parties over the protests against the Civil Rights Act.

In his statement, the Commander-in-Chief, in this 70-year history of Republic India, stated that none had not intervened or commented on domestic issues and political affairs.

But Indian Army Commander Bipin Rawat today condemned the opposition’s portrayal of students who are fighting against the civil rights amendment as “violent” and “indirectly criticizing opposition leaders for not leading leaders.”

He said that Bibin Rawat had violated the rules, regulations and traditions set by the government for uniformed officers and uniformed officers. Vaiko urged Bipin Rawat to immediately apologize to the people.

Income officers pursuing foreign assets not shown in the account of Mukesh Ambani’s family

Mukesh Ambani’s family has asked for information about foreign assets that have not been shown to them, according to sources from the Income Tax Department.

Under the Black Money Laundering Act, Mukesh Ambani’s wife Neeta Ambani and her 3 children were reportedly sent a notice by the Income Tax Department on March 28 and the operation is said to have been kept confidential.

The notice is said to have been sent on a complaint of foreign income and assets not shown in the account. Tiruntat information released.
Income Tax Department sources said that the seven countries that have signed an agreement with India to share details of money laundering prevention have asked for details of foreign assets not shown in the Mukesh Ambani family account.

At a recent quarterly meeting in Ukraine this month, it exchanged information about “members of the Mukesh Ambani family” over alleged so-called “foreign income and assets”. 

Switzerland, Belgium, US, UK, Mauritius, Luxembourg, and St. Lucia have asked for the details and are expected to respond within 90 days, according to sources from the IRS.

Temperature Tumbles To Minus 60 Degrees In Alaska

The cold is courtesy of an encroaching, strong dome of high pressure banked to the west of Alaska, while a series of lows looms to the east.

Bettles, Alaska hasn’t climbed above 0 degrees in nearly 10 days. Sunday’s high temperature was minus-47. And at minus-56 degrees this morning, the quiet community of roughly a dozen year-round residents set a daily record low. The frigid temperature rivaled the average winter temperatures found on the surface of Mars.

Bettles is not alone. Much of Alaska’s interior and far north are enduring lows of 35 to 55 degrees below zero. During the daytime, it doesn’t get much better. Highs of around minus-40 are pretty common.

Fairbanks, meanwhile, was forecast to “warm” into the minus-20s on Friday, with a chance of snow flurries and freezing fog.

The cold is courtesy of an encroaching, strong dome of high pressure banked to the west of Alaska, while a series of lows looms to the east. The flow of air between these two weather systems has allowed a persistent tongue of cold to sweep down from the Arctic, lapping at the frigid tundra. Clear skies induced by high pressure has permitted radiational cooling, plummeting temperatures even more.

Elsewhere in Alaska, Kotzebue started their day at minus-15, Anaktuvuk Pass at minus-27, and even Utqiagvik – the United States’ northermost community – ended their workweek at a brisk minus-11.

Temperatures will finally start to moderate some into the weekend, recovering towards more seasonable norms to ring in the new year. However, there are indications the pattern thereafter will favor renewed shots of Arctic air.

The cold of this magnitude is not that unusual for Alaska, although it’s actually becoming more rare as the climate warms. Bettles, for instance, averages eleven nights a year that drop below minus-40.

However, in 1950, Bettles averaged closer to 20 nights a year with minus-40 degree lows.

Rahul Gandhi hits back at ruling BJP after he was accused of lying over detention centres in Assam.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will for the first time visit Assam today since protests first broke out in the state earlier this month over the amended Citizenship Act. Hours ahead of the visit, he said that National Register Of Citizens and the new citizenship law will be more disastrous than the BJP government’s demonetisation move in 2016. 

He also shot back at the rival party after he was accused of lying about the detention centres in Assam in one of his tweets. “You all saw my tweet? I shared Narendra Modi’s speech where he is saying there are no detention centres in India and in the same video there are visuals of a detention centre. You decide who is lying,” he told reporters at party headquarters in Delhi where he was attending an event organised to mark Congress’s 135th Foundation day. 

On being asked a question about the new citizenship law, the Congress leader drew a comparison between the new citizenship law and National Register of Citizenship to the BJP government’s demonetisation move in 2016. “This sham (Citizenship Amended Act and NRC) is notebandi number 2. It will be more disastrous than the notes ban move All the poor people will be expected to prove their citizenship. They will be the worst hit,” he said. 

On Thursday, the 49-year-old leader had hit out at prime minister Narendra Modi over his claim that there is no detention centred in India and the suggestion that a nationwide rollout of National Register of Citizens is not happening. “The Prime Minister of the RSS lies to Mother India,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi, along with an edited clip of PM Modi’s speech at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on Sunday and a media report on a purported detention centre in Assam. The Congress MP also added the hashtag #JhootJhootJhoot (Lies, Lies, Lies).

The ruling BJP slammed Mr Gandi for his remark calling him a “joothon ka sardar” (master of lies). “Today, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted something and the kind of language he has used is very objectionable. He has said that the Prime Minister of the RSS lies to Bharat Mata. I think it is wrong to expect decency and good language from Rahul Gandhi,” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said at a press conference.

“Rahul Gandhi is Joothon ka Sardar. The three detention centres (which Rahul Gandhi mentioned) were set up in Assam by his party which was in power both at the centre and the state,” he said.

Massive protests against the CAA or Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the first-ever law to make religion a criteria for citizenship, has swept India. The government says the law will help non-Muslim migrants from three neighbouring nations become Indian citizens if they fled religious persecution and entered India before 2015. Activists, students, opposition parties and other protesters say the law discriminates against Muslims and is against the secular tenets of the constitution.