Special force rushed Ramnad to investigate Minister Manikandan

Shantini Deva from a small town Banting, Malaysia moved to Chennai with the hope of actress. After a small performance in Nadodigal directed by Samuthrakani made her a notable person. Though she received various offers after the film released in 2009 most of them were negative shades.

Apart from Kollywood movies, Shantini was an active personality in Malaysian movies. She also served in Cabin Crew Singapore for short time. She also served as a tourism ambassador for Malaysia in India. Currently, she signed for a new movie PUBG. Featuring Aishwarya Dutta and Arjuman, Polladha Ulagil Bayangara Game, shortly called PUBG is a movie that is directed by Vijay Sri G.

The movie also features Anithra Nair, Bigg Boss fame Julie, Motta Rajendran, Shantini, Rithyka, among others. PUBG’s motion poster was released by Vijay Sethupathi in his official Twitter handle.

After the Movie Nadodigal Shanitin met Minister Manikandan for an business. relationship later turned into friendship. Soon their relationship turned into love and both were in Living relationship for several years. Last week Shantini made a complaint regarding the phyiscal abuse she faced from Minister Manikandan and share photos, videos and screenshots of chats.

She also mentioned that she was forced to abort 3 times by Minister with the help of his friend who is also an doctor named Arun.

Tamilnadu police filed and registered an FIR very soon the AIADMK Ex-Minister went missing and no clarification made to the media in any form.

A Special task force rushed to Ramnad to investigate the issue related to Ex-Minister Manikandan.

Previously Shantini Theva claimed that she had WhatsApp photos as evidence to show that she lived with Manikandan for five years. Showing pictures from her alleged WhatsApp chat with the AIADMK leader (which she attached with her complaint to the Police), Shantini Theva claimed that Manikandan had threatened her by saying that he had photos of her including those in a compromising position