Donald Trump warns retaliation on India if fails to supply Hydroxychloroquine

The United States Of America President Donald Trump on retaliation on India if it fails to supply hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine medicine used to treat Malaria which is being used in India to treat coronavirus patients. The number of patients has also responded positively hydroxychloroquine.

5th of April, President Donald Trump announced that he made a call to two Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting to supply hydroxychloroquine to the United States. Accepting the request from President Trump Indian Prime Minister Modi assured that India will do all medical assistance to the United States. A few days earlier director general of foreign trade India made the restriction on the export of ITCHS includes ventilator surgical disposable mask textile raw material used for making the mask and raw materials used for making medicines of any kind which includes hydroxychloroquine.

A journalist during the press conference held in White House asks that question about review of Narendra Modi’s export ban on hydroxychloroquine. Answering the question of journalist President Trump says I am not aware of the information of ban. I requested Modi on Sunday morning and assured to supply hydroxychloroquine if it fails it may end in retaliation.

I Don’t like Modi’s decision, India is taking advantage United States Trade.

Retaliation Effects

As Trump announced Retaliation. It could be of any form which even includes war or Trade ban on India

Administration as already created strategies to stop file of 29 million doses of Malaria drug. United States have lost more than 10000 lives and 3.6 lakh infected peoples are now