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Duraimurugn quits DMK’s treasurer positing : General Committee meeting to held on March 29th

Duraimurugan quits DMK’s treasurer post and applies for General secretary posting after the demise of Anbhzagan. Dhirimurugan officially submitted letter to DMK leader MK Stalin.

Party leader MK Stalin announced that the DMK general committee to elect a new general secretary would convene on the 29th.

DMK leader Stalin has announced that Durumurugan has written to him saying that he will quit as treasurer as the general secretary is contesting for the post of the treasurer.

In a statement issued by MK Stalin today (March 16), he said, “By the last 15th statement, the DMK general committee meeting will be held on Sunday 29th August at 10 am. It was announced that it would take place.

In a letter dated 16 th, DMK Treasurer Durairamurgan acknowledges to me that the Secretary General is trying to compete and therefore he is stepping down.

Therefore, the General Secretary and the Treasurer will be elected at the General Meeting to be held on the 29th. I urge all members of the General Committee to attend regularly. ”

DMK and alliance parties to protest on December 23rd

DMK against the civil rights amendment The Alliance Parties rally is being held in Chennai on the 23rd (Monday).

There is widespread opposition across the country to the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act.
DMK denounces Citizenship Amendment Act Leading coalition parties are carrying out protests.

In this context, the DMK has to decide on the next stage of the struggle. A meeting of party leaders led by leader MK Stalin was held at the Anna Vidyalaya in Chennai yesterday.

At the meeting, the DMK was in the process. Treasurer Duraimurugan, Parliamentary DMK Group Chairman TR Balu, Organization Secretary RS Bharathi, Tamil Nadu Congress President KS Alagiri, Former Chairman KV Thangapal, MDMK General Secretary Vaiko, Deputy Secretary-General Mallai Satya, Communist Party of India Secretary of State Mutharasan, Deputy Secretary Veerabandi, Marxist Communist Party Secretary K. Balakrishnan, Political Leadership Committee G. Ramakrishnan, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Indian Union Muslim Lee An Kader Moideen national chairman, vice-chairman of the Association of Dravidian Kali punkunran, Kongunadu People’s National Party General Secretary iarisvaran, including India, the Democratic Party’s General Secretary attended Jeyaseelan.

The resolution adopted at the meeting was as follows: –
The enactment of the Citizenship Amendment with the religious outlook has created a situation where the Muslim minority and Eelam Tamils ​​are unable to obtain citizenship. Political parties and social organizations are waging democratic struggles against this. The meeting expresses strong condemnation of the police and the central government, which launched a fierce attack on students who fought at Delhi’s Jamia and Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh universities.

The meeting strongly condemns the amendment to the Citizenship Amendment, which has been brought to a standstill with a religious and communalist perspective and the boycott of the Eelam Tamils.
The AIADMK is a state that has betrayed the Central BJP government and its supporters, the Eelam Tamils ​​and the minority Muslims by bringing about the Citizenship Amendment Act. The meeting has unanimously decided to hold a “Citizenship Amendment Rally” in Chennai at 10 am on Monday (Monday) to protest against the government.
Thus the resolution has been passed.
The DMK was held at the Anna Vidyalaya, Chennai. After the meeting of the Alliance Party leaders, the DMK is in the process. Chairman MK Stalin told reporters, “Our demands are 2. Why is Sri Lanka missing in the list of neighboring countries? Why is it excluding Muslims, like other religions who are refugees? The resolution is based on these two demands. The AIADMK and the LSSP have been identified as Tamil traitors because they voted in favor of the Citizenship Amendment. Tamils ​​certainly won’t forgive them. ”

Following are the reporters’ questions and his answers: –
Question: – Has the Chief Minister, Edappadi Palanisamy, said that Indians will not be affected by the Citizenship Amendment?
Answer: – According to Edapadi Palanisamy, Modi, Amit Shah or whatever the central government is saying, it is acceptable to fall on its feet. So there is nothing to be surprised by what he says.
Question: – Former Union Minister Pon. Radhakrishnan has said that he has criticized the DMK on the issue of citizenship law and that the DMK is protesting on the 20th.
A: We don’t want to interfere with that. But the BJP has been in power for 5 years. Their rule still continues. If they tell the people what they have accomplished during their reign, it will be useful.
Question: – DMK Minister Jayakumar has said that the Alliance party meeting is like reading Satanic scripture.
A: We do not need to read everything to him.
Question: – The DMK has been a member of the central government for 13 years. Edappadi Palanisamy says Eelam Tamils ​​have not been granted citizenship?
Answer: – I am not prepared to talk about it. The present problems should be decided. That is why we have decided to convene this meeting.
Question: – Did Kamal Haasan, the head of the People’s Justice League, say they would come if they were invited?
Answer: – He telephoned me. He was told by the DMK. I have called the leaders of the 11 parties in the coalition. He will certainly be called upon to convene all such organizations, if necessary, and all those who are beyond the alliance.
Q: Will you invite Kamal Haasan to attend the rally?
Response: – I appeal to all parties, politicians, students and the public to participate in this rally in Chennai.

Thus he said. 
DMK The People’s Justice Center will participate in the rally; Kamal Haasan Announcement
DMK at Chennai Anna College The meeting of the Alliance Party leaders was held yesterday under the leadership of MK Stalin. It was decided to hold a 23-day rally in Chennai against the Citizenship Amendment Act.
In an interview in Chennai yesterday, People’s Justice party leader Kamal Haasan told the DMK. Will you participate in a rally hosted by companion parties? Reporters questioned that.
He said, ‘I cannot participate because I have had foot surgery. But people will definitely participate in injustice. ‘

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko voiced out for hindi imposition in Parliament

Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament and Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) chief Vaiko once again voiced out again on Hindi imposition on Monday (July 15) and objected to the use of the language in Parliament.

Speaking to media, Vaiko said, “Let them (BJP MPs) speak in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Why do they have to speak in Hindi in the Parliament? From Jawaharlal Nehru to Manmohan Singh, all used to deliver their address only in English. Only the present Prime Minister is a Hindi fanatic. English should be used in the Parliament.”

Vaiko further went on to say that the standard of debates has dropped to a new low because of the language Hindi, and claimed that all the MPs are seen “shouting” in Hindi in the Parliament.

During the early years of Parliament – both in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha – the debates were of higher standards. In the past, there were great leaders and in 70’s also there were good leaders: Vaiko
Speaking to Times Now, he said, “Let them speak (Hindi) in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Why (do) they have to speak in Hindi in Parliament? From Jawaharlal Nehru to Manmohan Singh, including Atal Bihari Vajpayee (PMs) used to deliver their addresses only in English. Only Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a Hindi fanatic. English should be used in Parliament.”

Vaiko further said that the standard of debates has come down because of insistence upon the usage of Hindi as the language of communication in Parliament, adding that it is being used to draw a wedge between the people of India.

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko Shares Indra Gandhi and VP Singh’s stand on LTTE

Vaiko, general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP, has said that he had asked VP Singh, who was the prime minister for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), to provide arms support.

In a Interview to The Hindu

I was quoting a speech delivered by Vajpayee while speaking on the Tamil Eelam issue in Parliament. Vajpayee had said that I see Indira Gandhi as a Durga Devi for creating a Bangladesh as individual country.

Similarly, if you create a separate Tamil Eelam, I will say that millions of Tamils will worship you. Indira Gandhi, who was passionate at the time, declared that Tamils living in the North of Sri Lanka were her natives.

After the meeting, I asked Indira Gandhi’s in the lobby to create a Tamil Eelam. If we take military action then the Upcountry Tamils will suffer; He said they would be trapped between us and Sri Lanka. If so, I think the strategy is to bring all Tamils together. She wanted to me to cooperate with the Government on this issue. Then we stopped talking about this issue after the cabinet ministers arrives ca. Then I went to the Hindu office. Indira Gandhi has a plan for Tamil Eelam.By then the parliamentary session had ended. Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Indira Gandhi had a plan to create a separate Tamil Eelam. When VP Singh was the Prime Minister, I came up with a list of what weapons the LTTE wanted. Prabhakaran gave it to me through LTTE political consultant Anton Balasingham. That list is still on me.

VP Singh has been the one who has had a fondness for me since he was expelled from the Congress. He said he could not help because it was a coalition regime. At the same time, he said it would help dispatch of medicines and the then foreign minister IK. He told me to meet Gujral. Then a senior official from RAW met me and got me a list of medicines. I gave a list of drugs worth a total of Rs 47 lakh. But for some reason it was not sent. I don’t want to share that reason now. I will write about it in my biography book.

Vaiko Returns to Parliament after a decade

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko’s Nomination for Rajya Sabha elections is accepted by Returning Officer without any Objection.

Last week MDMK General Secretary Mr.Vaiko was sentenced to One Year Jail and 10,000 fine for Sedition case for is Pro-LTTE statement. The case was filed against Vaiko in 2009. Less than a week for his nomination Vaiko was sentenced Jail for a year. Justice Shanthi awarded a month time for Vaiko to re-appeal the case and extension for his jail sentence.

Vaiko files nomination along with DMK Chief MK Stalin and his Party members. Vaiko who’s been a prominent member of Parliament since 1978. Vaiko Moved to Parliament for as Rajya Sabha member by representing DMK.

Vaiko along with his party members K Kumar, Subramani, Jeevan , CE Sathya

NR Elango was DMK candidate who also applied for the Rajya Sabha expected to withdraw his nomination by tomorrow since Vaiko’s Nomination was accepted.

Vaiko may reach Parliament March will boon the growth of MDMK in Tamilnadu once again.

Vaiko files nomination for Rajya Sabha

MDMK General Secretary Mr.Vaiko files nomination for contesting in Rajya Sabha earlier today.

A Breaking point in Tamilnadu political history Vaiko was sentence to jail for 1 year and 10,000 fine for his Pro-LTTE speech in 2009 in a book launch event happened in Raja Annamalai Mandram. The police invoked Section-124(A)(Sedition) and 153(A) (Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language) of the IPC.

Award me the Maximum Punishment

After the Judgement by Justice Shanti Vaiko objectied the word ” lenient punishment ” in the judgement and wanted the Judge to award maximum punishment to him.

Give me maximum punishment. Unless there is venom in the judge’s mind, such atrocious words would not have been included in the judgment.

Vaiko’s argument after the final Judgment made

On a Immediate appeal to the Case Vaiko was offered an exemption for one month and imprisonment will start after a month justice also allows Vaiko re appeal for the case within one month.

Can Vaiko Become Rajya Sabha MP ?

A Person who’s convicted as a Criminal cannot contest in Indian Election. The Sedition case doesn’t fall under so. Though Vaiko is clean to proceed for the Rajya Sabha. If the Returning Officers Objects Vaiko’s nomination in scrutiny there will be difficulties in nomination. Once the Nomination is clear there won’t be any difficulties in clearing the way to Rajya Sabha.

Rajya Sabha19781996
Lok Sabha19982004

Vaiko Sentenced to 1 Year Jail and 10,000 Fine

MDMK General Secretary sentenced to Sentenced to Jail for 1 year and 10,000 fine.

The Case filed against Vaiko against the Sovereignty of India. Case filed in 2009 and Vaiko served for 56 days in Jail. A Few steps ahead to Rajya Sabha the Judgment against Vaiko will be a huge blockage to Vaiko.

After the Judgement the imprisonment was on hold for one month as per the request of MDMK Gen. Secretary Vaiko.

The case against Vaiko dates back to 2009, for his speech at a book launch event. In the event which was conducted in Raja Annamalai mandram in Chennai in 2009, he had spoken on the topic ‘Eezhathil nadappathenna’ (what is happening in Eelam). In his speech, he had warned that India will not remain a single, unified country if the war against LTTE in Sri Lanka was not stopped.

A case was registered at the Thousand Lights police station against Vaiko under sections 124 A (sedition) and 153 (A) (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language) of the IPC.  A charge sheet was filed in the case in 2009, however, Vaiko was not arrested until April 2017, where he was sent to Puzhal jail. He came out on bail after over a month in jail.

In 2009 Vaiko’s verdict on continuing protests against the LTTE and the government of India. Vaiko while delivering a speech at a book launch in Chennai on the eve of the Eelam War in 2009.

Possibilities of Vaiko to Rajya Sabha

Vaiko nominated to Rajya Sabha a few days back in DMK along with 2 DMK members. Legally Vaiko doesn’t have any problems in moving to Rajya Sabha since the case doesn’t belong to a criminal case. So there is no problem until and unless Returning Officer objects Vaiko’s nomination.

Vaiko who had served as a Rajya Sabha MP for 18 years between 1978 and 1996, is looking to make a comeback to the Upper House after 23 years. The Rajya Sabha election is set to take place on July 18 in Tamil Nadu. Vaiko, whose party does not have a single MLA in the Tamil Nadu Assembly, will be elected to the Upper House with the support of DMK. 

Several Members from MDMK party claims that this Judgement clearly shows Ruling party don’t want to face Vaiko in Parliament. This action was Intentionally made against Vaiko.

Vaiko all set to march towards Parliament

DMK’s Shanmugam, lawyer Wilson, and Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagarm general secretary Vaiko are all set to file their nomination papers on November 6. During the Lok Sabha Election alliance with DMK MDMK managed to get one Lok Sabha seat and one Rajya Sabha seat. As Per high-level committee meeting in MDMK Lok Sabha Seat was granted to Ganeshamoorthy from Erode and Rajya Sabha Seat allocated to General Secretary Vaiko.

Vaiko is facing a POTA case since 2009 case is all set to clear in few month. Once the Case Clears Vaiko will be representing DMK in Parliament. Vaiko will be stepping into Parliament after 15 years. Previously Vaiko nominated from Lok Sabha member from Sivakasi constituency which the native constituency for Vaiko.

Candidates Shanmugham, Attorney Wilson and Vaiko, who are allotted seats for Mathrubhumi, are to file their nomination papers on the same day. The trio is due to file their nominations on the 6th.

Vaiko was a Rajya Sabha for 3 terms and the Lok Sabha for 2 terms.

Dharmapuri Constituency Results – Lok Sabha Election 2019

Dharmapuri One of the prominent constituency for PMK. PMK could managed to win Dharmapuri even if Anbumani Ramadas contest alone but unfortunately tough competition from DMK side made him to lose in Dharmapuri. Anbumani Ramadas was an current MP from Dharmapuri

S.N.CandidatePartyEVM VotesPostal VotesTotal Votes% of Votes
1SIVANANDHAM. C.Bahujan Samaj Party59684460120.49
2DNV SENTHILKUMAR. S.Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam568310667857498847.01
3ANNADHURAI. K.Ganasangam Party of India89962190170.74
4ANBUMANI RAMADOSSPattali Makkal Katchi501013322250423541.22
5RAJASEKAR. D.Makkal Needhi Maiam15481133156141.28
6RUKMANIDEVI. R.Naam Tamilar Katchi19483191196741.61
7ARIVAZHAGAN. P.Independent1477514820.12
8DR. ELANGO. S.Independent108228108300.89
9SAKTHIVEL. V.Independent1500315030.12
10SARAVANAN. S.Independent1061110620.09
11DURAI. S.Independent1289412930.11
12PADMARAJAN. K. DR.Independent2856628620.23
13PALANIAPPAN. P.Independent53155500536554.39
14MANIVASAGAM. C.Independent4425244270.36
15VENKATACHALAM. C.Independent3171131720.26
16NOTANone of the Above1330475133791.09
Total 1212311108941223205

DMK squeezes Mango in front of Anna Arivalayam

Tamilnadu’s Iconic party regain its power after several years. DMK failed to win in Lok Sabha 2014. DMK couldn’t even managed to get a single seat in 2014 whereas they are about to make a clean sweep in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu facing 38 constituency election out of 39. DMK and its alliance parties Congress, MDMK, VCK, Communist and others marching towards victory.

PMK made a alliance with ADMK and BJP at the earliest of alliance speech. PMK managed to get 7 seats and a Rajya Sabha seat as well. PMK made face to face fight in several constituency against DMK. Where PMK lost all the constituency expect Dharmapuri where Anbumani Ramadas is contesting. Even in Dharmapuri Anbumani is on close call with DMK candidate.

After the announcement of alliance PMK cadres made a dramatic changeover support to ADMK and BJP in social media.

After the victory of DMK all against PMK. DMK candidate squesed mangos which symbolises PMK symbol in front of Anna Arivalayam during the celebration.