Gypsy Movie Review – Bold social message at present scenario

Gypsy Movie Review, all about the horseman who faces religious clashes in India along with his love who belongs to a different religion. The movie clearly portrays the current Hindu, Muslim Scenarios in North India. In Addition, Most of the Characters placed in the movie are pointing to real-life characters. Because of this issues, Movies gets high trouble in Censor Board Certificate. Moreover, one Character directly points UP CM Yogi Aditiyanath. Finally, the film managed to get A certificate from the board.

Gypsy Movie Story

The movie begins at a fictional place in Kashmir. Where we could witness the sound of gun firings, bullet sounds. The Opening scenario of the movie lets the audience understand that there was a war in Kashmir. Where two couples were in Bunkyard along with their son and Nomad. The couple seems to be Interreligious couples. The husband prays to Lord Shiva whereas Wife prays does Namas. After the Couple dies later Nomad takes the kid and raises him as his son.

Nomad names his adopted son a Gypsy and takes him all over the place he travels. Gypsy(Jiva) calls his father as Senior. He used to travel all over the nation along with his crew. He spends life with no strings on him. However, at one point, he had felt the meaning of life after the death of his stepfather.

Waheeda (Natasha Singh) falls in love when Gypsy arrives in Nagoor. Waheeda, who belongs to a restrained Islamic family, is in love with the gypsy. Married and living in North State. The husband and wife split into different sides due to religious turmoil when Waheeda gets pregnant.  Gypsy and Waheeda go to many places of worship. How the couple survives and how Jiva manages his story.

Gypsy Movie Review

The romance between Gypsy and Waheeda has been overstated. The scene where they run away from home is funfilled.  In the beautiful screenplay, the sensor has a hand in many places and the image is not affected. Riot footage is also shown in black and white. In some places, screenplay lags much. Rajamurugan has taken up many important social issues. 

Raja Murugan, first of all, should be appreciated for handling such bold scenes and shots. In Addition, Gypsy suffers due to the cuts, losing its relevance. Murugun, who in the past, has made award-winning movies like Joker slipped in Gypsy.